Day 1: Day In The Life Going Vegan – January 1st, 2013

| January 12, 2013 | 35 Comments

One day down- 30 to go! Granola recipe: Form to participate in the vegan challenge: Here are the meal plans for week 1: (Remember, these are only for inspiration & suggestion. You can make substitutions anywhere and everywhere! I do plan on skipping certain recipes somedays and having leftovers if there are any- no veggie left behind!)
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  1. tygersflowerz says:

    Yikes. Scary falling with a little baby. O_O Glad you’re ok, no broken bones or anything.

    I do like that Quorn. It’s fake chicken. Might be a fun treat for Carter once in a while. They make “chicken” nuggets. They’re pretty good.

    As for fake meat having funny ingredients, well, most of the popular foods kids grow up on in this society have funny ingredients. I think if he’s eating an overall plant-based diet, he’s already on a better track.

  2. Lisa Sharp says:

    Vegan diets are much cheaper if you avoid all the processed junk. Meat is expensive.

  3. Lisa Sharp says:

    I have a couple of friends that ended up with major thyroid issues due to soy so it worries me. Glad to hear it’s not long term. Have you looked at black bean burger recipes? They are super popular and if you make them at home, soy free. :)

  4. NaturallyThriftyMom says:


  5. NaturallyThriftyMom says:

    I don’t want to be eating too much soy, but I figured it would help us get started by choosing some things that were a little more like things we would normally eat.

  6. NaturallyThriftyMom says:

    Not the first time- surprisingly he liked it the second time though! I wouldn’t give up on her liking it… they say it usually takes a bunch of times trying a new food before they really start liking it.

  7. NaturallyThriftyMom says:

    The weather here seems like it’s more extreme than other places. It gets hot during the day and very cold at night.

  8. NaturallyThriftyMom says:

    I personally don’t think it has to be more expensive. It all depends on what you buy and how you shop though… Meat is a lot more expensive than veggies- but if your buying a lot of processed vegan foods I can see it costing more. Especially if your not shopping sales or with coupons. I should definitely talk about that in the next vlog though. Good question!

  9. NaturallyThriftyMom says:

    They were actually really good!

  10. Nowisemama says:

    Loving the vegan challenge! We aren’t vegan and don’t plan to switch but it has been a good reminder to me to use more plant based ingredients. We made curry out of pureed carrots and spices with potatoes yesterday. Thanks again for the challenge!

  11. Nowisemama says:

    I agree! I personally have eaten it in the past and was shocked at the yuck in it. I also felt terrible.

  12. Lisa Sharp says:

    Oh and with your phone, old phones like that don’t work on the network anymore.

  13. Lisa Sharp says:

    Curious, why are you going to soy meats? To much soy is very bad for you and the fake meats have crazy ingredients.

  14. alishadhs4 says:

    did carter like hummus the first time he tried it? been trying to get my daughter to eat it forever!

  15. mel11789 says:

    Great video! Pumpkin cupcakes sound good too though;) it snows in Arizona? That surprised me! Aww Anthony just got those same pjs for Christmas that Carter had on. They are so cute!

  16. bakerof5 says:

    I was going to suggest the same thing! Soy is a HUGE GMO and the products that “replace” the american diet foods are usually as bad if not worse. I avoid soy and all GMOs.

  17. IAmAnArtist15 says:

    Hey could you talk about the financial aspect of going vegan? Isn’t it a LOT more expensive?

  18. EKW111 says:

    How did the cupcakes turn out despite the carrot mishap? (That’s the kind of thing I do when cooking too. *Sigh!*

  19. wenders86 says:

    I love nutritional yeast on popcorn!

  20. SimplyStacyL says:

    You may want to research soy before using it as an alternative… I Don’t think you’ll want to keep eating it, but obviously that’s your choice – just wanted to give you a heads up to look into it! :)

  21. brittany23lc says:

    Tofu is made from soy and soy can mimic estrogen.

  22. dreamflight6000 says:

    Aww. Love seeing your husband with baby!

  23. NaturalMommy100 says:

    Earth Balance vegan mayonnaise is delicious!

  24. sunnysmom31710 says:

    I’ve done muffins without the liners, I just grease the pan.

  25. PaulaAbdulRoxxxx6 says:

    @PaulaAbdulRoxxxx6 INSPRIRED! Hahah sorry autocorrect

  26. StarwarsFreak286 says:

    chris kendall hell yeah

  27. buraburayoshi says:

    Awe, they look like great friends! I want friends like that.

  28. ck1nsh says:

    sososo sweet, was such a blessing to flow here with u Stacey, so much Fun. Thanks for the Love all!!! Blissings!

  29. StaceyHeartsFruit says:

    he’s the greatest right!

  30. thatfruitarianchick says:

    Yay, Chris Kendall! 😀

  31. 5tonyvvvv says:

    They will never allow fruit and vegetable ads over processed foods and pharmaceuticals! Your not allowed to say anything bad about dairy, sugar and gluten!! Doctors and the food industries want us Sick!

  32. BrianonHealth says:

    Love you Stacey! Fellow fruitarian here. Fan/new friend of Chris Kendall’s too. Would love to meet you one day and go foraging! I belong in California, lol. Are you perhaps going to Woodstock? You are fab!

  33. StaceyHeartsFruit says:

    @ RomneyPHONY Fruitarians eat greens, and lots of them, they are just not the primary source of calories and/or nutrition because lets face it greens barely have any calories, and if you aren’t living on fat (ie the standard raw food diet) you need calories to supplement that….and the only answer is Fruit.. Please read works by T.C. Fry

  34. didrock17 says:

    so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. StaceyHeartsFruit says:

    thank you! :)

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