Daal Dhokli Recipe (Gujarati One Pot Meal)

| March 12, 2012 | 25 Comments

Detailed Recipe: showmethecurry.com

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  1. silentlangle says:

    are you girls vegetarian? I’ve noticed on most of your cooking it doesn’t include any kind of meat!

  2. kanugoel1 says:

    I made it exactly the way u showed…n it taste yummmmmmmm….i neva thought i could make dat good in the first time….thank youuuuuuuu:)

  3. amitkp80 says:

    which brand of pressure cooker is that? and how many liter or qt,please let me know as i want to get this.thanks in advance.asap.

  4. chandurishreepal says:

    Hi I’m a southy and my fiancé is guju!! Ur recipes are so easy as I’m practicing some for her!!! Thanks a lot!!!

  5. ShowMeTheCurry says:

    @amitkp80 : For most daals, we use the 1:3 ratio – 1 cup daal and 3 cups of water.

  6. amitkp80 says:

    for any dal how much water i need for 1 cup dal if i use pressure cooker?

  7. amitkp80 says:

    for any dal how much water i need for 1 cup dal?

  8. saaz1997 says:

    @ShowMeTheCurry : thank u ..^_^. like all ur videos. they are very helpful.

  9. ShowMeTheCurry says:

    Yes, you can but sometimes kokum doesn’t give enough of the tangy flavor.

  10. saaz1997 says:

    can i use kokam instead of Tamarind pulp ?

  11. saaz1997 says:

    Hi can i use kokam instead of tamarind plup…?

  12. vpt262 says:

    Hey Hetal, I do watch your every video and it really adds a lot of knowledge to my culinary skill. As I do love cooking I always try out different variations in cooking style.
    As you have said it the last part of this video , Besan hold the dhokali in shape after getting dipped into daal. Actually, its not besan ,its because of the boiling daal which helps Dhokli to hold the shape. I always cook it without Besan and it tastes way fabulous, and its good for digestion as well.

  13. missy07yashy says:

    @aparaajita10 oh my god ….. get a life .. geesh your a freakin weirdo … that comment has been there over how many months and no one had anything to say about it and now you do .. like seriously … what you do get from being mean? FYI everyone is different, different sounds etc affect people in different ways … pity you fail to understand that and to go and call me a 2 year old …. really? is that the best thing that came to your mind in that moment in time?? ugh …

  14. aparaajita10 says:

    @missy07yashy What do you do? Scrape the pot with the spoon like a 2 year old? The only time I’ve heard that sound is when a 2 yr old is doing it playing, but not when people r cooking. The metal in da food, but u don’t mind the chemical coating of the nonstick in the food?Well. This is a new facet of paranoia u show me. I guess we learn every day. Tried cooking in a clay pot? No metal there.

  15. sameeranerurkar1 says:

    i tried your recipe yesterday,made Dal dhokli for first time,and it turned out to be very good,every one at home just loved it…..Thanks for the recipe.

  16. ShowMeTheCurry says:

    Great!  Thanks for the feedback.

  17. oKeegan says:

    I tried it with moong dal as I promissed. It tasted also good ^^

  18. mtnshow1 says:

    This is a risky recipe. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you can reallllly mess this thing up.

  19. bigkittysmile says:

    fantastic thanks 

  20. ShowMeTheCurry says:

    Nahi, hum ajax ka istmal karte hai. Shukriya for the compliments!

  21. rxmusic1 says:

    Hey…. Show ke liye naye bartan laate ho kya? Your pressure cooker is shining like anything. Anyways… nice recipe. Thanks for showing.

  22. ShowMeTheCurry says:

    Thanks for the compliments! :)

  23. steven3x says:

    OMG! I only hope your husbands and family appreciate how lucky they are to have two such talented (and beautiful) cooks!!! I swear could eat Indian cuisine 24/7/365! No joke and no exaggeration! :-)

  24. ShowMeTheCurry says:

    Your welcome…please check our website for many other Gujarati recipe videos.

  25. DesiMakeupGrl says:

    Thank you both for showing us this recipe! I am going to try this but am requesting you to make more gujarati recipes..I’m gujarati myself but live far from home so trying to learn on my own..not an easy feat!

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