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| March 13, 2013 | 47 Comments

Thank you so much for your interest. I have received my 3 email responses but will update everyone when the classes are up and running. :-) My blog: http://b…
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  1. MokoBrownVegan says:

    Yeah :-(
    I already finished working with my subbies but classes for everyone will be available on March 14th. :-)

  2. TheOnlyDzire says:

    I just got a laptop today! Am I too late for this?

  3. TheOnlyDzire says:

    Super cool!

  4. MokoBrownVegan says:

    Hey, Ageless! I’m sooo glad your enjoyed it and I truly appreciate your support. I will always be accessible. :-)
    Enjoy the rest of your week!

  5. Ageless Beauti says:

    @MokoBrownVegan: I bought the “Field Roast/sausage,” andI absolutely LOVE it!!!! :) It has 31 grams protein in 4 oz, and No soya…that to me is amazing!!! If it wasn’t for you, I would not had known that (non soya) vegetarian protein meats existed! Thank God for you! I love you for the great advises and of course, your awesome recipe’s. I only hope that when you become famous, I will still be able to reach you advise! Lol. Thank you so much!

  6. Himanshu Upadhyay says:

    If you are looking to burn up fat fast, you should look up on google “Lean Body Maximizer”. They can help you get the body you deserve.

  7. Himanshu Upadhyay says:

    If you are looking to burn up fat fast, you should look up on google “Lean Body Maximizer”. They can help you get the body you deserve.

  8. melodic21 says:

    So happy to find other black vegans. I had to sub…I’m a newbie. Found u on ivyflower YT channel.

  9. MokoBrownVegan says:

    Thanks, Pilar!

  10. PilarInMotion says:

    Really cool idea to connect with ppl who aren’t in your area. Congrats on this

  11. MokoBrownVegan says:

    Hey! I’m so glad you enjoyed the recipe and I really appreciate your support. :-) I would suggest Field Roast sausage for an awesome meat alternative. As far as I know, their products don’t contain soy and the texture and flavor is comparable to traditional meat.

  12. MokoBrownVegan says:

    Thank you :-)

  13. MokoBrownVegan says:

    Thank you. I just have them pulled up. :-)

  14. ndinthecity says:

    Great idea (-;

  15. Ageless Beauti says:

    I tried your scrambled eggs…totally Awesome!!! My question is, what would you suggest as a meat substitute (excluding beans) for some people who cannot have soy. “Soy contains phytoestrogens known as isoflavones, which are plant-based compounds that have a similar function in the body as estrogen.” Therefore, women (especially those who are hormone sensitive) are advised not to consume tofu on a regular basis. Thanks in advance for your advise. You’re doing agreat job! :)

  16. iamEatingRight says:

    Great idea! Did you cut your locs or are they up?

  17. MokoBrownVegan says:

    You’re welcome! Thanks for watching and subscribing :-)

  18. nettiegonehealthy says:

    This is a great idea and thank you!

  19. blaxirican80 says:

    That’s awesome. Good for you!

  20. MokoBrownVegan says:


  21. JustKimburr says:


  22. MokoBrownVegan says:

    Thank you so much :-)

  23. MokoBrownVegan says:

    Thanks, Mel! I’ve been thinking about it for a while and just said, “let’s do it!” lol I was on vacation and feeling a bit fearless lol

  24. MokoBrownVegan says:

    Thanks, Cobi!

  25. MokoBrownVegan says:

    Yeah, maybe I should talk about it more. lol

  26. princesaox says:

    can i use green tea instead of the white tea?

  27. Ellec75 says:

    Hi Kardena! Just wondering if it will be ok to take this twice a day. I work out early in the morning and again in the afternoon. Will it be ok to have this drink prior to both exercise sessions?

  28. godbroly100 says:

    is there a limit to how many times i can drink this

  29. boilersfan51 says:

    what is your view as to having to heat the water for tea bag so as to bring out the most benefit of anti properties in the tea?

  30. 2221971 says:

    Wat is white tea???????

  31. Musicman510ee says:

    Thanks for your amazing videos! I subscribed ^_^

  32. Jezerellica says:

    This is such a great post! I take capsicum capsules throughout the day as well to boost energy! Thanks for teaching us about white tea. Very informative!

  33. kate10170 says:

    Can I used hot water instead of room temperature? I love my hot bev first thing in the AM. Thank you, love your videos. They’re helpful, informative and have me growing sprouts!

  34. zabulun says:

    Thanks so much for the tip

  35. MsEfish says:

    What is great for me? I am starting in my perimenopausal(sp) stage of my life and my hormones are so our of whack……….It has made me gain weight. I have ALWAYS been a size 6 at 5’8″ and been thin and now am a size 10/12 and having a fit over it and I cannot seem to lose the weight no matter what I do. Help me…..:-( Ms. Efish
    MsEfish P.S. Please help me with your wonderful tips……..:-a(

  36. jose medina says:

    sounds like the master cleanse diet. but not as harsh as the aforementioned. lol. I will defenitly try this tomorow morning! thanks mrs kardena! oh n by the way, you are looking good. ( hope ur husband don’t beat me up) he’s very lucky to have you. neways thanks for the vid post. !!!

  37. MsLola1912 says:

    Thank you for this! When I work out I usually end up forcing myself to finish because low energy. I hope this will help.

  38. hipretty says:

    Thank you! :-)

  39. ksrgarber says:

    Could I use organic cayenne extract instead of powdered cayenne & still get the same effect?

  40. KardenasKitchen says:

    Wow! how ironic. you are almost there!

  41. KardenasKitchen says:

    This one is from Celestial Seasonings

  42. KardenasKitchen says:

    no it shouldn’t give you the runs. start light though because it may cause some detox feelings.

  43. KardenasKitchen says:

    you drink this on an empty stomach and wait 30-45 minutes before eating breakfast. give it time to detoxify your bod.

  44. yogashot says:

    does it give you the runs?

  45. hipretty says:

    what kind of white tea are you using? Is it a specific brand?

  46. LT Cartwright says:

    Without even knowing this, I have a 2.2L bottle of water mixed with lemon and lime juice. As I listen to this I’m drinking the lemon-water. So as of tomorrow, since I have everything except the tea, I’ll be making a batch of this. Hope I can find white tea! S:

  47. careynvegas21 says:

    I can eat with this cleanse right?

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