Chicken Vegetable Fettuccine Alfredo Recipe – Home Date Night!

| October 5, 2012 | 50 Comments

GET RECIPE: This Chicken Vegetable Fettuccine Alfredo was the very first dinner I cooked for my hubby almost 11 years ago. I love that’s it’s easy, fresh, light, filling, colorful and delicious!!! It makes the perfect home date night dinner meal! Music by Kevin Macleod
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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. saucechick11 says:

    I can’t wait to try this one

  2. kiafry says:

    You need to be on Food Network. Moms would ADORE you.

  3. jL0VESyouu says:

    This looks great :) thanks for all the awesome recipes!

  4. TheHershee says:

    Looove your channel!!

  5. pinkmonkey331 says:

    delicious ;)

  6. Wajomirey says:

    OMG!!!! me encanta PERFECT!!!! thank you!!!!!

  7. warthogwendy says:

    You are a joy to watch! Honest, funny, very informative! I’m always glad when I come across some of your receipt videos!

  8. dreambebo says:

    It’s a called a garlic press!!!

  9. Diego Jimenez says:

    Is This Healthy??

  10. Mrsblessedlikethat says:

    I have a weird question. What is that thing you are crushing the garlic with?? Also what else can you use it for??

  11. Choclitchic34 says:

    I made this for my family and they looooved it!! Thank you for sharing delicious recipes!!

  12. collics1 says:

    I made this tonight!!!! I can’t believe my cooking challenged self made a a dish better than a restaurant. My sister loved it. Olive Garden’s not getting my money anymore!!

  13. lovinthis02 says:

    Hey Diva. Thanks so much for sharing. What is the name of the cream you used.

  14. EaglesflywithEagles says:

    Thumbs up for the women who can cook!!! Are you from down south? lol

  15. mozluv80 says:

    Your recipes are awesome! I just gave up meat and I found that these recipes help keep me on track. Thanks, keep em coming Diva!!!

  16. Azzy09 says:

    This was so good!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. sweetbamboo26 says:

    Hey Diva, I am in France and I am really found of your cook! Thank you for giving me so many ideas of recipes… you are such a diva… I have bought you cookbook today… excuse my english… je suis francais a la base! 😉 Cheers xoxo

  18. schatzeboppes says:


  19. Divaarmywife says:

    lol good luck =)

  20. bluestarr04 says:

    Valentine’s Day dinner for sure =)

  21. smyah2003 says:

    I could eat as your house any day of the week.

  22. jiaxin zhu says:

    He’s lucky he’s got a plate xD

  23. ajesuspiece1985 says:

    Don’t be making no fish…lol..great recipe

  24. britndorian says:

    Lol looks delicious I love your personality

  25. MrJingjong says:

    You have an engaging and infectious personality. Love it! Great work.

  26. timothy1300 says:

    New viewer, but do you any advice when cooking this alongside a pizza that has to be cooked at 7-8 for 25 mins? I have only one oven and I’d like them to be done at around the same time. Would putting the garlic bread at a lower level be enough?

  27. picapop12345 says:

    I was wondering about using hotdog buns. Great video thanks

  28. cbignell28 says:

    GARLIC BREAD!!! Excuse me GARLIC AND BREAD….together…. The worlds gone mad!!
    “Peter Kay”

  29. jonvegard31 says:

    Hello. I’m just wondering, can you do this with bread slices also? Tried to make your lasagne, but sadly we don’t have all of the ingredients that you used in the stores, but i still made it taste…okay 😛

  30. Heliantheae08 says:

    That really looked fragrant and tasty. Hehehe, too bad we do not have smell-a-vision! I am going to try to make this and your spaghetti and meatball recipe tomorrow. :)

  31. OriginalNakedChef says:

    Nice one!

  32. mark howe says:

    Happy New Year to you too chief!

  33. OriginalNakedChef says:

    Nice comment and thank you!
    I am pleased that you have enjoyed my vids and if it´s got you cooking then that´s even better.
    I am glad everyone enjoyed the roast chicken and I hope you enjoy many more of my recipes :)
    Happy New Year OriginalNakedChef 

  34. mark howe says:

    I used to only be on the convenience foods, especially with working shifts. After watching a few of your vids you have inspired me to cook some tasty scram!! lol. I followed you method for cooking a roast chicken which was enjoyed by many on Christmas day. cheers mate.

  35. OriginalNakedChef says:

    That’s good to hear :)
    I am not sure how that all started but I seem to do that on most of my vids now!
    Thanks for taking the time to drop in and let me know :)

  36. mgblue says:

    lol i love how high your voice goes at the start of your vids 

  37. OriginalNakedChef says:

    Thanks for dropping in and glad you like the vid :)
    Drop in again soon OriginalNakedChef

  38. OriginalNakedChef says:

    Yes why not, it may take a while though!
    Glad you like my crazy voice :)

  39. OriginalNakedChef says:

    Nice one!
    Hope you enjoy :)

  40. OriginalNakedChef says:

    Good to hear from you and glad you enjoyed the garic bread :)
    The tiger bread sticks of bread are really tasty so probably makes the garlic bread extra delicious. Well done!

    I have 2 videos on youtube for pizza you might want to check out

    Pizza Baguette How to make recipe
    Homemade Pizza How to Make Pizza & Dough recipe

  41. bluemoonrising26 says:

    You’ve got a brilliantly crazy voice. Would you narrate my life for me, please?

  42. b33p says:

    I make my own garlic bread using half cooked tesco bread and garlic butter…I’ll have to try your method! Thanks!

  43. Gogeta0110 says:

    Oh video has been liked and put in my favorites 😀

  44. Gogeta0110 says:

    I used this recipe but used a tiger bread stick instead and it was unbelievably nice, And I am RATHER partial to a bit of french bread. Any chance of a pizza base video because that would work so well with this recipe ) Thanks ONC

  45. OriginalNakedChef says:

    Great job and glad you enjoyed!
    Cheese french bread sounds very nice, maybe you are on to something there :)

  46. Benjamiefuller says:

    This is probably the nicest garlic bread I have ever eaten!
    However, I must admit I did make a slight change because the shops had run out of normal french bread! I used a cheese french bread instead and its brilliant!
    Thanks ONC!

  47. OriginalNakedChef says:

    Nice one!

  48. hotuckfai says:


  49. OriginalNakedChef says:

    I appreciate that!
    Hope you enjoy :)

  50. TheVideoZem says:

    Excellent recipe, easy and delicious.

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