Chelsea Cooks: Easy Vegetarian Chili

| July 26, 2012 | 50 Comments

* CLICK FOR MORE INFO * To clarify I am not vegetarian but I don’t eat meat very often because I’m a very picky eater and don’t really like most meat. :) I often get asked to make videos on fitness/diet tips. I don’t workout or have a special diet so I’m afraid I wouldn’t be very helpful. But I figured maybe you guys would like to see some recipes I like to cook. Let me know! Thanks for watching :) Contact me: Music: Cipher by Kevin MacLeod
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Video about famous Vegetarians and Vegans.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. JRxREplay says:

    did u do a diet video???

  2. bluetigressemoon says:

    More cooking videos/ recipes =D Please!!! And include Peter in the videos too!

  3. Ph0KingShizzle says:

    More cooking videos!!

  4. cherryblossom4ever1 says:

    please make more cooking videos! ^_^

  5. koolpebble says:

    Oh, my goodness! You’re just like me. I’m not a vegetarian, but I do not like meat most of the time. My bf gets mad at me for not eating meat because he loves it.

  6. tanztasnim says:

    please make more cooking videos!

  7. loveleesy says:

    Can’t wait to try it out…thanks! keep it coming.

  8. abril garcia says:

    love ur videos!!!! please make more cooking ones ^-^

  9. christypurp says:

    this made me hungry O_____O

  10. jmank121 says:

    Make more cooking ones

  11. MsRainbowiee2315 says:

    Please do more of there cooking videos 😀

  12. Zaras34 says:

    I loved how easy this recipe was, you haven’t done another cooking video in a while. Would you be able to do a cupcake recipe? ^^

  13. MsBeautyjunkie1 says:

    I love this recipe! I never would have thought of using this instead of ground beef but I like it way more :)

  14. LatinaLuvsAsianBoyz says:

    Just gotta say I’ve made this chili twice, I effin love it!.

  15. LatinaLuvsAsianBoyz says:

    I really wish you could make more of these, I remember the vlog where you had the white fungus soup recipe, that was so good. Miss that vlog totally forgot what was needed for that soup lol.

  16. natmok says:

    it looks yummy! what do you eat with this tho? :)

  17. HelloKittysFriend418 says:

    More coooking vids please! :)

  18. twinkii04 says:

    OMG we have the same name (: I just subscribed.

  19. Ranger629 says:

    This looks amazing! (: Is there anymore other secret recipe you used to treat Peter? (: I wanna learn some!

  20. ClassicEnd1 says:


  21. janinesp5571 says:

    This looks yummy I’m gonna try it:D

  22. xXHugaholiCXx says:

    Idiots… What can you do -_-

    I’m gonna try this tomorrow!
    And I would LOVE to see more of your recipes :)

  23. 8eggroll says:

    I love your tutorials! lmao

  24. cocacola988 says:

    omg who knew chilli was so easy! your such a good gf haha 😀

  25. supreetkaur18 says:

    omg you should def do more cooking videos.This loooks delecious. I will def try this probably today .Thank you so much for your post

  26. bradwicked says:

    go vegan

  27. spinjoh says:

    Anne hathaway 333

  28. nav samra says:

    michael jackson was also Vegetarian

  29. FairyFromMoon says:

    Thaumb up to that!!!!!!

  30. zippy5081 says:

    you missed me of the video as well lol…i think everyone was amazed that Meat loaf was a vegetarian
    and why is some people so negative towards us vegetarians when you tell them or they find out
    some people treat you like you are are mad or have problem we just don’t eat meat…DEAL WITH IT…
    thank you so much for uploading the video and good health and long life to you.

  31. Macdeth1717 says:

    Momma said my bananas are magic, …. They can take me anywaya!! Yyyeee!!!, yeeee! “Boy yo momma cares an awful lot about yo bananas”.

  32. AlphaMel says:

    Shannon Elizabeth picture is a different person from the American Pie Actress or is this a mistake?

  33. Leonis1989 says:

    ValligraceDawn – And? Does that mean if I scroll through the video list I’ll end up finding a list of celebrities who drive Cadillacs?

  34. Randy Kreill says:

    I’m a non famous cancer survivor vegan getting great results from 100% plant based diet. I’m working towards eating more and more WHOLE foods, less oils, less sugar, et. Vegan was EASY. All Whole foods, tougher to do.

    You may enjoy my silly/serious video, G+ rated:
    “Sh*t A Barefoot Vegan Endurance Runner Says” Parts 1&2

    Lots of great material is referenced… Let FOOD be they medicine.

    50 mile trail run attempt tomorrow for me, feelin alright. 97 degrees forecast. Plant power test!!

  35. ValligraceDawn says:

    I’m a vegetarian <3

  36. ValligraceDawn says:


  37. DyllanMejia1 says:

    i eat and meet people too sometimes…

  38. getloosepapoose says:

    Anthony Kiedis of the Red Hot Chili Peppers is vegan

  39. Leonis1989 says:

    The only real question to this video is, what have celebs and historical figures got to do with vegetarianism?

  40. SabKirillKS says:

    I’ve read that Jessica Bill eat meet

  41. LiveFreeorDieGuy says:

    Meat Loaf is a Vegetarian? Irony…

  42. 5G2010 says:

    ….And Tommy Lee too!

  43. cheesepie4ever says:

    you forgot cheesepie4ever -youtuber

  44. Daracon1010 says:

    Ask that question to the guy who originally attacked Christianity – not me.

  45. POTATER1228 says:

    why in the hell are you talking about Theology on a video about VEGETARIANISM?

  46. Daracon1010 says:

    The fundamental difference is, it’s not coercion, because people have the option to merely remain willfully ignorant of the truth. God gives a warning about those who reject him, the same way a parent tells a child that they’ll get a smack if they misbehave… but when you rebel against the creator of the universe, who is a Holy and eternal perfect God, the penalties are also eternal in nature.

    There is nothing straw man about my argument.

  47. Daracon1010 says:

    No it’s not. God DID give you free will. The proof for that is the number of atheists that exist who suppress the truth in unrighteousness. If a man says to his wife “don’t sleep around with other men or I’ll divorce you and kick you out of my house”, is that forced love? If a parent says to their child “don’t hit your sister or you’ll get a smack”, is that forced love?

    You seem to think that they are. God is merely telling you what will happen if you reject his salvation.

  48. ARTandBalls says:

    Pamela Anderson… actress? Really? 

  49. Daracon1010 says:

    If you force someone – then it’s not a choice now, is it. That would effective make people “puppets”. God has given us the ability to “choose” to love him. You can choose the right thing… everyone can. But if people choose to reject him, then he has no obligation to force them to love him.

    Since you’re all for examples – how would you feel about a man forcing a woman to stay with him against her will and forcing her to tell him that she loves him? That’s what you’re asking God to do.

  50. AmericaWake says:

    Hi, I just posted several videos showing plants playing with my hand and interacting with me. I am vegan and for Peta but this just blows my mind, not that plants really are like pets or animals but that nobody else will take the time to see what has already been there. Take a look and tell me what you think please

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