Chef Roberto’s Holiday Recipes

| July 11, 2012 | 24 Comments

Today Ellen’s personal chef, Roberto Martin, returned to share some of his delicious holiday meals that you’ll love! Check out his recipes right here.
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  1. 0RihannaLyrics0 says:

    Damn it ! I think it’s gonna be so hard to be a Vegan no milk no cheese no yogurt no eggs and here in my country the stuff don’t help at all to be Vegan lol but I’ll try ! :)

  2. 0RihannaLyrics0 says:

    Tbh becase of Ellen i might turn into a Vegan LOL !

  3. MrNana94 says:

    is vegetable paste bacon . its taste like bacon . its not the real bacon .

  4. melodycool2 says:

     Its tofu bacon , like he said “No animal” at 0:41

  5. sam21smiles says:

    wait how can she be vegan if shes eating bacon or whatever

  6. SealABag says:

    Banana Seals keep food fresh – especially during the Holidays!  Even Brown Sugar stays soft and fresh for months! Oh yea, and the Banana Seals make great stocking stuffers! Check it out on the web at: SaveTheBananaSeal

  7. daggerhy says:

    what are they talking about? I LOVE TOFU!

  8. Pinksheepy1 says:

    can I get the ingredients in germany?

  9. salina624 says:

    Um r u serious?

  10. LanaVienna says:


  11. iplz says:

    where’s ellen i just see 2 dudes

  12. boomerhour says:


  13. kingwoot1 says:

    That looks like shit

  14. BrendaRyleigh says:

    vegan power! and i love tofu!

  15. algae0 says:

    I love that Ellen and her chef show people how to make delicious vegan food. I do wish that a) they didn’t make such a big deal about protein, since vegans can easily get all the protein they need, and b) that they didn’t rely so much on packaged products. Also, while the Follow Your Heart cheese is vegan and delicious, I don’t think that Veggy cheese was vegan- pretty sure it has casein, which is milk protein.

  16. dogchristopher says:

    *MorningStar* brand veggie bacon is NOT VEGAN… It does contain egg whites.

  17. LadyMyara says:

    making me hungry!

  18. SabrinaLavrie2010 says:

    I LOVE Tofu!!!! Best stuff ever! ^_^ In my opinion.

  19. joseulisesh says:

    he’s soo cute!! lol

  20. wolfeyez24 says:

    On her website though, the dessert is called Pecan Chocolate Chip Magic Bars instead of Coconut Magic Bars as he called them. But they sound yummy anyways :)

  21. averywear says:

    wow she has a personal chef.

  22. PhyllisGreene4 says:

    I must try some of those recipes.

  23. michelasheedy1321 says:

    Hi there! if u have any spare time today, could u check out my music/ videos?? thanks a bunch :o)

  24. sanamahnum says:

    “Thats not a real oven”
    BUT BAM it cooked the food 😛

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