Cheesy Zucchini Rice Recipe – EasySummer Side Dish

| December 1, 2012 | 25 Comments

Get Recipe: A little bit of chicken broth, rice, cheese, and zucchini, yep that’s pretty much all it takes to make this flavorful cheesy zucchini rice side dish. It’s a really pretty and simple side dish that pairs well with grilled meats. I’m always looking for ways to add in more veggies without actually tasting them too much and this side dish does a great job at that. Music by Kevin Macleod

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  1. thezionzion says:

    i think that it would taste sooo good if you used broccoli instead of zucchini

  2. TrophyWifex0x0 says:

    Looks so good!

  3. Nuwan manjula says:

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  4. Crisszilla says:

    I love you.

  5. xiaocurrypuff says:

    I love the way black people talk=)
    Coming from an asian!

  6. nhanphan8 says:

    I love your voice over. Funny.

  7. rieme2004 says:

    I purchased your cookbook volume II. So excited 😉

  8. SuperRedCurry says:

    I like but I will make it vegitarian instead.

  9. artclasscrush says:

    i just tried this .. n OMG i wanna kiss your hands! its THAT AMAZING and easy! can you share more recipes like that please

  10. 4godistand says:


  11. myway123100 says:

    No it’s not really healthy because it’s got lots of cheese but we can eat it sometimes because trust me it’s delicious

  12. Rashmisvegrecipes says:

    I want to try cheesy rice, looks great. Thanks

  13. nichelle435 says:

    I never had zucchini rice before…it looks delicious!!!

  14. anj767 says:

    yey! thanks for this. something to try. :)

  15. Jessica Luscher says:

    that looks good i wanna make it :)

  16. nicmit0688 says:

    I would maybe substitute the rice for brown rice and don’t add the cheese if you’re being super conscious of your dairy intake but honestly this doesn’t seem like its that bad for you to try the way she made it.

  17. XxCrystalRose101xX says:

    Are these healthy for a diet?

  18. serenity flowers says:

    can i use cucumber im allergic to zuccuni

  19. ThePeAcHyK says:

    love this idea! Go gurl! Just subscribed bout a week ago but I’m def feeling u quick flavorful cookin!

  20. lilcruzito222 says:

    can you make rice pilaf or garlic cheese biscuits

  21. mrandmrsslice says:

    My wife made it last night and sent me the link to this video. It was delish! I was dissapointed that she didnt make a larger batch. Thanks!

  22. Nathan Nixon says:

    Everything u make always looks amaaaaazziiiiing!!! Instantly hungry!

  23. chosen4gr8tness says:

    So helpful and another great way to use zucchini and squash especially with so much being harvested

  24. Chef Holly Smith says:

    Looks Yummy… A little Velveeta would b awesome in there to..:)

  25. bubblekathy888 says:

    Is there a substitute for the cheese? I know it’s like a main ingredient in this recipe but is there another ingredient I can put in?

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