Butternut Squash and Chicken Bake – Recipe by Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen Ep 254

| January 24, 2013 | 50 Comments

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  1. Miroslav Peric says:

    Hello, have you tried out “Belly Fat Quencher” (just google it)? There you can watch a useful free video. This helped Tamara to reduce her belly fat. Hopefully it will help you as well…

  2. cameroonbeauty4ever says:

    lol thanks for the blooper!

  3. Anne Van says:

    Its in the oven as we speak!
    Some unpeeled thyme potatoparts underneath.. And now some laundry. Thanks for the easy recipe!

  4. missesTeapot says:

    really wanted a good recipe for butternut squash and found this randomly! Thankyou 😉

  5. littlepianist89 says:

    a hand with a fork came out of nowhere! lol

  6. kappucinokiss1 says:

    watch her other channel lauras topics it’s titled “my hair” :)

  7. sabinou nounou says:

    your haire are so cuute!!! how do you do this?

  8. Reapercrew308 says:

    Chocolate cream pie plz

  9. Kat Garlick says:

    it’s 2am. can’t stop watching.

  10. Momo Obillo says:

    Awwwwwwh cute ending :3

  11. TheMissalbi says:

    u dont wash the chicken O_0 !!!
    LOVe butternut squash looks delicious ..

  12. 21andSingleMomOfOne says:

    I just made this and it was DELICIOUS!!! OMG!

  13. 262827651 says:

    You husband can’t wait to taste it~~lol~

  14. Eumusic1 says:

    Yummy, I’m getting hungry.Cya.

  15. will fehr says:

    hey i cant find this recipy on ur website, help me out?

  16. llsand75 says:

    Bought a butternut squash and made butternut squash risotto with one half and this dish with the other. Came out great and next time I’ll try the same recipe with sweet potato. Thank you Laura ! 

  17. Araceli Contreras says:

    super cute ending!!!

  18. 123asku123 says:

    where can i get that laurainthekitchen chopping board from?

  19. 123asku123 says:

    do u have a husband… and if yes his one lucky guy having much a beautiful wife lik u with so many talents..,feeling jel

  20. StrawberriiVivi says:

    I just put this is the oven!!! 😀 I hope it turns out good (:

  21. 16december says:

    i am doing this now :) btw your mashed potatoes recipe is perfect thanks!!!!!

  22. Tess Ryan says:

    Love Your Channel…..Love your Recipies!!

  23. cybellajude says:

    love the ending:)))

  24. StrawberriiVivi says:

    this isn’t on your website D: noooo~

  25. tiptopluongo says:

    You remind me of Giada lol.

  26. SweetyWildFruity says:

    She said it was VEGETARIAN stuffed peppers

  27. Twwistad says:

    I didn’t know you were a vegetarian, now I have someone to look at for some yummy recipes, I should have never watched this so late at night. It’s 10:00pm and those stuffed peppers are making me really really hungry.

  28. Kammiekute23 says:

    I’m going to try this..looks so yummy!

  29. amyaabletv says:

    I’m so making this

  30. Anne249 says:

    Chubbs in the corner @2:46 like where mines at lol

  31. CoolMoonlitdew says:

    Your channle is like a general easy health info spot for me :)

  32. chickbloom qt says:

    where is the mince?

  33. Mageeelovesfrank says:

    Trying this one today :) ! 

  34. healthcounts says:

    Stylish video, great job!

  35. OrganicPlease says:

    this looks so yummy! im looking forward to trying this one :) Thanks for sharing!

  36. purplelucrezia says:

    Looks delish and simple, thanks! :) Will be trying this tonight.

  37. purplelucrezia says:

    Looks delish and simple, thanks! :) Will be trying this tonight.

  38. Samantha Lorick says:

    I just made this tonite and I am a HUGE meat eater!!! Can I say that I didnt miss the mat at all!!! SO VERY DELISH!!!!!! Thank you so much for a great and simple recipe!!!

  39. mstitine92 says:

    Wow I’m going to try this awsome

  40. TheReReRetard says:


  41. Ginajam84 says:

    i’m vegetarian and i love learning new recipes and i really appreciate the help. definitely trying this, THANKS!

  42. Pretoriafly says:

    Personally, its a bit too cheesy, but it looks great!

  43. ACloudify says:

    This looks awesome thank you!

  44. Mochafairiemonster says:

    Yum! This is an easy straight from the pantry dish. I have all of these things right now. Too bad its too late to make this for lunch. Good dinner for me!

  45. hotdrumchick says:

    I like this recipe! At least once a week I have veggie-only day: no meat in any meal. I will try this!

  46. Soul4JC says:

    I keep thinking Felipé is Indian, until I hear his name again.. lol

  47. Spence2207 says:

    Hold on doesn’t Parmesan cheese contain rennet harvested from the stomachs of freshly slaughtered calves?, better use a vegetarian cheese to make vegetarian stuffed peppers.

  48. hiddenbeauty12 says:

    I just made this today! The fam LOVED it!!!! Thanx for the recipe! :)

  49. tybooskie says:

    This is great so flavorful and best of all no salt. For those who don’t like beans (me) mash them up if you still want the benefits.

  50. cherryboo65 says:


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