Butter Paneer – Indian Vegetarian Recipes Video

| June 1, 2012 | 32 Comments

Detailed Recipe: showmethecurry.com

Lauki / Doodhi ka Kofta is gram flour (besan) and bottle gourd dumpling cooked in tomato and spices curry. Its a main course dish which can be served with flat bread or rice.

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  1. ShowMeTheCurry says:

    Yes, you can :)

  2. leoshanks1 says:

    can I use fresh cream… I have Amul fresh cream at home today?

  3. girlscolorpolish says:

    Can we substitute the heavy whipping cream with anything else? Pls reply

  4. biswajit6600 says:

    Cottage cheese.

  5. mizzishukaur says:

    instead of heavy whipping cream can i use dahi and milk… im kinda scared too but my grandma said thats how she makes it lol

  6. anjalipes says:

    can’t v add onions to it?

  7. afreen1998 says:

    can i substitute milk instead of cream

  8. Omarew says:

    vat is paneer?

  9. hopeshining says:

    Tasted GREAT!!! I swear it beats my frozen swad dish and restaurant made in india

  10. k2s3p says:

    You know what you ppl should start a restaurant… 😀

  11. momothebored says:

    Very good, but the 1 cup water thinned it down excessively.
    Also 500g panir for 4 people?
    That’s quite a lot unless you aren’t eating anything else…

  12. momothebored says:

    You should at least end your videos with a snapshot of the food.
    No one saw how the finished dish looked like even.

  13. ShowMeTheCurry says:

    : Yaayyy! :)

  14. SuperLifelearner says:

    hey i got it “Heavy Whipping Cream”….thanks a lot…Happy Cooking :)

  15. ShowMeTheCurry says:

    : It is usually in a carton or a bottle in the dairy section next to milk and it says “Heavy Whipping Cream”

  16. SuperLifelearner says:

    which” heavy whipping cream ” to use?m confused…plz giv exact name…so it wil b easy to search..m in United States…And thanks a lot for recipes…..m njoying cooking as well as eating..!! :)

  17. drruchisaini says:


  18. jishylovinn says:

    I love this recipe and it tastes amazing! The fact that you dwelled on the fact it was ‘calorie’ rich and suggested loads of ways to improve it was unecessary though to be honest. Make delicious food and enjoy it. As long as it’s in moderation there’s no need to obsess over how rich in fat and calories it is, that just takes away from the enjoyment of tucking in to good food!

  19. ShowMeTheCurry says:

    : Glad you loved it :)

  20. niHaRikAana says:

    omg!!!!! made it just now……..dis is one of the best dish i’v ever made!!!!!!!!! love it!! my mom is so happy with me.
    Thank you so much :) :) :) :)

  21. themomo6710 says:

    is this tasty????????????????

  22. vilashini8 says:

    I will get heart disease eating this. Paneer is very fattening!

  23. free2saywhatever says:

    Can i use “I can’t believe it’s not butter” and keep 4 tbsp instead of just regular butter?

  24. free2saywhatever says:

    You don’t need to freeze it. All Indian food stays good for at least 2-3 days. I have stored mine for 4 days before and it was SOOO good because the chicken had soaked up a lot of flavor in my butter chicken. Lol.

  25. SaloniOberoi says:

    very sweet voice

  26. TheSydneyprincess says:

    Dear Neha, Thanks for sharing this wonderful recipe.
    Hope your littleone started to enjoy your yummy recipes and likes them…

  27. bebovirgo says:

    thx for non oninon-garlic version of it !

  28. laxsingh says:

    nice recipe,,,..thnxz neha:) ur son is v cute :)

  29. vintegfear says:

    dis iz wack

  30. ToombaHeart says:

    thanks! this is lovely!

  31. kapsanras says:

    this is great Neha, great to see you back…your style is still one of the best on youtube…your son looks adorable…thanks, and can’t wait for the next video’s..tc

  32. tejsingh1961 says:

    Thanks Neha ji, looks nice. thanks for sharing

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