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Gordon Ramsay orders beer from ladyboys and fails to meditate in Thailand. Final episode.
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  1. JamesStonee says:

    honestly… i´╗┐ wouldnt give a shit.

  2. EdwardvsJacobFan says:

    PDeffin’P moments ­čśÇ : 1:58 , 3:10 .´╗┐ So proud of Sontizzle ­čśÇ

  3. p0pr0ckz says:

    I almost choked on my drink when you said´╗┐ “bone thugs n hominy” LOL!

  4. Kesli1995 says:

    nope, not even close.
    I did p90x´╗┐ its a good workout but theres only so many cd’s

  5. heathersheartable says:

    whatever´╗┐ asshat

  6. SR120 says:

    GO ST!´╗┐

  7. shuppypuppy17 says:


  8. UntilTheEnd123 says:


  9. adelaruth1 says:

    Well done, Sontard!´╗┐ :)

  10. videofan77 says:

    the sound at 7:48 :S haha´╗┐

  11. pinkgiraffe75 says:

    LOL Sontard literally´╗┐ = perfect child

  12. 100blahblahbanana says:

    shay is becoming beefy- but in the muscular way. looking good i might´╗┐ add :)

  13. Creamsodaqueen says:

    Sontardilina.´╗┐ hahaha.

  14. PeytonTheCheerGirl says:

    Sontard beats me´╗┐ in a mile run :(

  15. easy8flowing says:

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  16. skullcandylover305 says:

    Sontarilina!´╗┐ Oh my gosh that was hilarious

  17. zzMjRzz says:

    Liked this vlog :)´╗┐

  18. Paige Schurman says:

    please stop lecturing us.i’ve´╗┐ seen so many of ur vids and in all of them u lecture us

  19. Bomber8597 says:

    eye of the tiger´╗┐ shay

  20. Dac829 says:

    the girl that was sitting next to babytard´╗┐ was staring at her when she had the baby’s foot in her mouth I really wanted to sy what you staring at through the computer

  21. girlyandglittery says:

    Sontard is AMAZING!!!´╗┐

  22. aMeRiCaNiDoLrOcKz997 says:

    Omg Sontard got perfect!! So proud of you :’) Hope you become a´╗┐ successful person future in your life! Love ya ­čśë

  23. easy8flowing says:

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  24. TruReaLity15 says:

    my nephew has that toy from the beginning of the video…even i love playing with it´╗┐ lol

  25. Itsjustash04 says:

    I love that Collette is wearing a CTFxC´╗┐ shirt! My 2 favorite vloggers, Shaytards and CTFxC.

  26. manictiger says:

    Look, it’s wonderful that you have a lower environmental footprint and all, so you can be vegan and that’s great.

    My problem´╗┐ is your preachy demeanor.

    Anthropomorphizing is not science;´╗┐ it’s misinterpretation and assumption (i.e. the anti-thesis of what science is).

  27. manictiger says:

    You invent a replicator, like is shown on Star Trek, and I’ll gladly switch over to replicator meat. Until then, no.

    Also, I failed to point out that many orcas and dolphins do exhibit an understanding of pain. You going to tell orcas and dolphins they shouldn’t eat meat, either?

    Also, “highly evolved” does not mean sentient. In fact, it’s possible that we actually bred some of the characteristics of sentience´╗┐ OUT of chickens!

    If you’re a biology major, I highly suggest changing it.

  28. manictiger says:

    You´╗┐ don’t and that doesn’t surprise me.

  29. nsugathadasa says:

    Oh yes. Lions,´╗┐ tigers, wolves may be excused because they are animals. But grown humans who understand biology, mechanics of pain and suffering? that surprises me.

  30. Chivato907 says:

    “dessert?, they want dessert?…” about a´╗┐ bunch of monks!!! LMFAO!!!! Gordon is the MAN..

  31. manictiger says:

    And let’s put this into super-perspective… I HIGHLY doubt that lions, tigers, wolves, eagles, bears, killer whales or any of the other carnivores care much for your ideals, either.
    Using your logic, if you truly cared about life, you wouldn’t´╗┐ eat anything living. Plants are life too, you know.

  32. manictiger says:

    If you can show me a chicken that can type sentences without any assistance from humans, machinery, bio-electric/chemical manipulation, illusions or anything else that would be considered manipulation, I’ll stop eating meat forever and become one of you scrawny, malnourished, brain-depleted vegans. Otherwise, I don’t think´╗┐ we have anything further to say to each other.

  33. nsugathadasa says:

    This is not my propaganda. It is of the creatures that cannot´╗┐ post on the internet. From that cry and struggle that they give me when I killed them for you to eat. I simply took their message and posted on the internet for you to see.

  34. isiah bullock says:


  35. manictiger says:

    You assume that I didn’t get it organic. You also assume I care about “cruelty”. They’re effin’ chickens, not African Grays! If you want to do something about it, do it. ´╗┐ I care not for your propaganda.

  36. nsugathadasa says:

    No, It doesn’t piss me´╗┐ off. don’t forget the hormones and antibiotics and most of all the cruelty.

  37. manictiger says:

    lolno In fact, I’m going to eat some previously ill-treated chicken, now, because it’s cheap, it’s´╗┐ good and it pisses you off. Brb, vitamin B12.

  38. marcounder says:

    hahahaha this guy McDang is funny´╗┐ as hell xD

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  40. nsugathadasa says:

    Don’t support non´╗┐ vegan.

  41. GaryyytheSNAIL says:

    17:59´╗┐ Challange Accepted ­čśë

  42. Hmongethealthy says:

    They not going to tell you all their secret..´╗┐

  43. Trinity Haven says:

    29:01 WTF???´╗┐

  44. mepandaba says:

    not at all.. in meditation, when you’re worried´╗┐ to someone or something that mean you’re using your brain to think. So, we will mention on “thinking thinking” because we will know our emotion that cling with the story. When we’re realized that we have to calm down and reduce heat in mind.

  45. Deanna Jackson says:

    McDang is such´╗┐ a troll! XD

  46. N1shoba says:


  47. ProblmSolvd says:

    He’s not wrong there… some of those she-boys have some great´╗┐ fucking legs…

  48. Nirinjan Singh says:

    because you cook´╗┐ it

  49. MrPheral says:

    17:45.. Gordon calls´╗┐ Asian Chef a Cheeky Monkey.. You cheeky bastard Gordon!! LOL!

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