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| November 20, 2012 | 29 Comments

MD / RN Team – Click – Transition to Raw Food Diet with the most delicious and nutritious raw food soup. Recipe links at http or email us at

Recipe: This low fat hummus recipe is a favorite all-around snack or part of a vegan appetizer night, but if you are really big on hummus it can be a meal in itself. Have it with fresh vegetable sticks rather than pita bread, since we’re all about healthy vegan recipes. Phil likes to call it ‘huh-moose’, with the accent on the moose. He tells me this is how they pronounce it in the middle east.

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  1. mirza abubakar says:

    it is great to hear it .concept is very good.i like it

  2. NewportSue says:

    It sounds great…but I can’t find the recipes on the website! I suppose I could watch again and make notes…

  3. HealthisWealthyes says:

    Thanks for recipe! I also like the DVD you recommended – “Money talks – profits before patient safety” …. watched it on youtube … very eye opening!! Thank you.

  4. pmnorris says:

    wow….this is a very interesting concept….raw soup….kinda sounds like a savory smoothie….and the chick is pretty hot, too!

  5. IndiaDiscover says:

    do you add Baking Soda while u soak Chick peas or during cooking the chickpeas???

  6. Carla Shankland says:

    Real hummus is naturally low in fat and high in protein. Also just because something says organic on it doesn’t make it organic. You should invest in your own herb garden and grow vegetables, legumes etc. yourself. Much more trustworthy.

  7. tamisweetie says:

    I have been making this so much lately.

  8. aquaphone says:

    You’re joking.

  9. anathaniel01 says:

    she has a beautiful voice

  10. domdabombabc says:

    No cumin??????

  11. Janice Totten says:

    How much of the peas, lemon, tahini, cumin, water and garlic do you use? I like your tip about the gas going into the water after cooking it but then you put the gassy water back in? How much is considered a serving? Can it be used for anything other than a dip? I saw some vids with humus as a dressing.. what do you think of wraps with whole grain wrap bread? thanks for all your hard work! I’m a meat eater overweight unhealthy person wanting to change my ways.. thanks for your help!

  12. Hemolymph says:

    Do you cook the chickpeas after you soak them?

  13. Naturallyvegan011 says:

    we made a video response to this video, hope you can check it out =)

    Take care

  14. running90away says:

    omg i love the fact that you just added one tbsp of tahini! usually they add tons!! im definitly trying this recipe! thanks alot!

  15. running90away says:

    if you want to use canned chickpeas just boil them before use for 15 min :)

  16. BlueColdDog says:

    HELP! I am a meat eater that is switching to go meatless but am so in need of protein otherwise I get angry. Not kidding, around here my kids have learned that when my usually nice attitude changes to short temper, they ask if I have eaten yet and the answer is always no. @kuhntpunt – Choo Moose is what we do up here in Alaska. Enjoyed the vid.

  17. cymonebreathe says:

    I absolutely love your channel. So happy to be a subscriber. :o)

  18. kuhntpunt says:

    I speak nearly fluent Hebrew. That is how we pronounce it in Israel and pretty much throughout the Middle East.

  19. kuhntpunt says:


  20. Dee Devine says:

    Thank you, I agree vegetables are a nicer idea. I find pita chips too much so I will give the vegs a try instead. I love hummus and have been making it on a continuous basis since I discovered it this past spring. Yeah! I love it. Thanks for the video.

  21. Homocystine says:

    cute and delicious….

  22. Annikichan says:

    Lovely. And very well explained. I will try it

  23. robertv131313 says:

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  24. cheska576 says:

    i have to try this

  25. TheNocturnalCannibal says:


    Thanks for the help. It tastes good.

  26. ErinNiNuallain says:

    I tried this recipe last night and it was easy and good :-)
    Do you have a brand of tahini that you recommend? I live in a small town with a small selection and the one brand we have, separates and is very hard to stir back together. I will possibly try ordering a better brand.
    Thanks for all of these great recipes and videos.

  27. mommaplath says:

    How do you store tahini and how long is the shelf life?

  28. RawFoodGuy99 says:

    i eat alot of hummus! i can’t find fresh chick peas so i use organic canned peas,but i try to stay away from canned foods!

  29. jmdinny30 says:

    Why do you keep taking out you juicing the lemons in these videos?

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