Bengali Rasgulla Recipe by Manjula, Indian Vegetarian Cuisin

| April 9, 2012 | 25 Comments

View full recipe at INGREDIENTS: Makes 12 4 cups milk 2 tablespoon lemon juice 11/2 cup sugar 41/2 cups water
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  1. smacse10 says:

    aunti,can i use cornflower on the paneer,because i make paneer but it was smooth,what things can i do for this reason?please tell me!

  2. rmchadha says:

    manjula ji, thanks for a wonderful recipe. I made it using vinegar and i added a half cup of sugar extra because the sugar here in japan is not as sweet. would u happen to have a recipe for karachi halwaa.

  3. rmchadha says:

    Hello I just made manjula jis rasgullas for the first time and I used 3.5% milk that u get here in japan and it came out perfect. I did get 12 as specified in the recipe. The only change was i added an extra half cup of sugar because the sugar here is not as sweet and I made paneer with vineger and also i gave 2 whistles in 7 minutes as specified in the recipe. after opening the preassure cooker, i felt it needed an additional 3 minutes.

  4. silanaful says:

    mine too my ragulla didnt expand

  5. analiask says:

    you are very expert!! and nice =)
    thank u i will make it for sure!

  6. angelami88 says:

    i tried to make rasgulla but as put them in pressure cooker they broke . what is the reason?

  7. Manjulaskitchen says:

    good luck next time, but check out my web site for detailed method at manjulaskitchen.

  8. shreya3172 says:

    then didi i guess i knead as well as didnt took out much water from panner,may be next time i will try to take all water…Does that mean i shouldnt knead much???

  9. Manjulaskitchen says:

    Two steps for making rasgullas are very critical, how much water to take out the water from paneer and kneading the paneer, I don’t know where you went wrong.

  10. Manjulaskitchen says:

    Necessary to make paneer for rasgullas

  11. monalishaC says:

    manju aunty can we make rasgullas by readymade paneer or is it necessary to make paneer for rasgullas?

  12. shreya3172 says:

    i tried to make as you showed didi but my rasgulla ball didnt expand and it didnt taste that delicious as it seems in ur video….where did I went wrong didi???

  13. kumarsaharsh says:

    hello aunty .. very nice recipe. I have few doubts
    a) How to get the real white colour of rasgulla we get in markets.
    b) Some people add maida to the chhena. What happens by adding maida?
    My rasgulla didnt come out that spongy..Is there something that can be done… Or should I just steam in the pressure cooker bit longer.

  14. umicki says:

    Thank you Manju aunti. I am your big fan and I love watching and following your cooking guides. Love you lots.

  15. Manjulaskitchen says:

    May be you did not take out enough water from paneer

  16. deepikajainable says:

    aunti i try to make ragullas but pani mai daltay hi sab pani mai hi ghul gaye

  17. towfs says:

    WOW I’m so hungry ..I’m gonna make it tonight..Thanks a lot

  18. Manjulaskitchen says:

    may be paneer was too dry

  19. neverkneu says:

    What things i should keep in mind to make the balls firm and round. The paneer balls that i made didn’t came out that way, it breaks while rounding

  20. bharatij11 says:

    rasgulla ke liye pressure cooker main kitni whisal bajani chahiye? plz tell me…. thx

  21. megamampi1 says:

    mam…i just admire your work…i think after my mom u are the person who helped me a lot in cooking new stuffs….im married for one yr now but in this 1 yr i have learned a lot frm u…you wont believe male frnds also check out ur videos before cooking….gr8 going..all d bst.. :)

  22. Rachna888 says:

    thank you Manjula , I just love yr video’s

  23. someone19191 says:

    hello aunty, i just did it, after watching has come out well… thanks.

  24. veliauribe says:

    Thanks madam for sharing these wonderful recipes :)

  25. hani1233211 says:


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