Baked Eggplant Parmesan Recipe

| February 18, 2013 | 24 Comments

There is no need to fry your eggplant in order to make a delicious Eggplant Parmesan! Watch as I show you guys how to lighten this dish up by roasting the eggplant first! If you guys like the videos please LIKE, SUBSCRIBE, and/or SHARE them with your friends! The more people we can reach the more videos we can make! Thanks!! To see and print all of my recipes for FREE please visit: Official Facebook Page: Twitter: @DaniSpies Pinterest:
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  1. Noelle Jordan says:

    and it will look nicer too, a better presentation…

  2. Noelle Jordan says:

    Do you ever layer the eggplant itself? Put two layers instead of the one?? Also, your fresh sauce looked really good. Do you have the recipe for that anywhere?

  3. gsarjos says:

    cutting the eggplant lengthwise makes it even easier and faster to assemble

  4. Roshan Shrestha says:

    Have you tried Fat Blast Furnace? (look for it on google) It is a quick way for you to melt fat fast.

  5. LondonsLanding says:

    I followed your instructions step by step but the amount of salt in it was awful. Maybe you should advise rinsing the salt from the eggplant.

  6. LondonsLanding says:

    Did you rinse off the salt on the eggplant prior to cooking?

  7. garlicsmoothie says:

    5 Cents for a cup of Coffee ? wow, I’ll take a double please. This recipe looks very good, ty

  8. Abhishek Sankhe says: has much better recipes with videos… :/

  9. Abhishek Sankhe says: has much better recipes with videos :/

  10. bcooltrice says:

    I am excited because I bought my first eggplant yesterday because of your eggplant 101 video and now I’m going to try this! Yay!

  11. Abhishek Sankhe says:
    have much better recipes listed… :/

  12. BerryCloud01 says:

    Awesome quality!!!!! Also u look so pretty in outfit!!!!

  13. cristino hipe says:


  14. tbonenat1 says:

    oh no! when do i use the basil?

  15. Danial Mk says:

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  16. x jeezy says:

    is it normal for my grandma’s pussy to smell like eggplant parseman ???

  17. Mick Goode says:

    My GF did this recipe and I made the version her mother would have made based on her comments (Let’s just say there’s a reason we say ‘Mother knows best!) For ‘I’m gonna try and Lighten this up’ read “I’m gonna try and destroy the essence of this dish both aesthetically, culturally and taste-wise so I can maintain an unwomanly slim figure at the expense of the quality of my family’s life before praying that god will make me more popular than all those around me!) Go get a burger! And enjoy life!

  18. TheWolverineiscool says:

    italian food is all about the cheese…i love it !

  19. mydclif3 says:

    Making this now!

  20. Shahzad Sg says:

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  21. 15chad15 says:

    Kind of sounds like their going to blow a balloon up instead of cooking something. LOL

  22. Vinny8El611 says:

    Proly the same reason people pop things in the microwave LOL

  23. VIJUMPMANIV says:

    What temperature does the oven have to be you CUNT! FFS! How do you miss that?

  24. realitaliankitchen says:

    Why do italian american feel the need to put ricotta on everything? It’s WAYYY better with mozzarella.

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