Award Winning Director Shaun Monson is Vegan Vegetarian for Ethical Reasons

| August 27, 2012 | 23 Comments

Shaun Monson, award winning producer and director of Earthlings – – shares his thoughts on meat protein vs plant protein, the concept of slaughtering animals for food and the relationship to humanity’s propensity towards war, the problem with dairy, and more. A must see…
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  1. DBSaiyanTim777 says:

    GO VEGAN!!!!!!!!

  2. Freetheanimalsin2012 says:

    Thanks for this interesting and informative video, Shaun is an inspiration.

  3. rohanhaggart says:

    Shaun is a saint

  4. butterflyprincess319 says:

    I love this guy<3
    He is basically REPEATING pretty much ALL of mh opinions!

  5. Llokky says:

    This is all I believe in too. Awesome!

  6. crazybatcheat says:

    Absolutely awesome. I don’t even let my 2 dogs and cat eat meat (well, I’m not sure you’d say they were MINE, they just live with me). I’ve got them on a vegan diet. Right now I’m working on funding for a small zoo that exemplifies the vegan lifestyle, where we can have all the animals live in harmony, without the murders of other animals to let the so-called “carnivores” eat.

  7. 2000myplaylist says:

    What a man!!! A true human with it’s humanity intact : )
    Thank you for being You Shaun and for powering through these strong messages …
    Long live Vegans and the beings they save!!! : ) xo

  8. aljackson70 says:

    Shaun, well said. Agreed 100%. FYI, here’s how humans inadvertently started eating meat. In the freezing temperatures of the ice age plants and nuts could not grow in the northern hemisphere, so as a desperate means of survival, humans learned to hunt deer and mammoth. But after the ice age, we only “partially” returned to our natural herbivorous diet. Meat stayed with us like a bad habit, like cigarettes. Unnatural, but hard to kick.

  9. 2009salsasalsa says:

    Awesome, a vegan who is not ‘going off’ on people! Thank you, this as a fellow vegan (newly) I can relate to as an attitude.

  10. brigiv says:

    very nicely summed up

  11. dingdang7086 says:

    a beautiful person!

  12. neuropamail says:

    He is really beautiful

  13. 19kiriba53 says:

    Veri good!

  14. duckcluck123 says:

    he is my hero

  15. human2011able says:


  16. moreroomforjoy says:

    Earthlings is what did it for me. Cried the whole way through, vegan ever since, never turning back. Totally thriving on a low-fat raw vegan diet & I coach people on transitioning into & thriving into it too, complete with a whole holistic life detox. It’s my passion, so check out my channel if you’re interested :)

  17. disneymaniac23 says:

    you are so cool! thanks so much for spreading the veggie word =)

  18. nowaiting20 says:

    Oh God, I WISH I could be this calmed and sympathetic everytime people start arguing with me about why am I vegetarian…but sometimes they just get on my nerves ): I need to learn from him how to be cool about it and answer like this when someone is just trying to piss me off 😛

  19. VeganPua says:

    Shaun Monson is such a great speaker! and his documentary Earthlings is simply the best!

    Thanks for posting this video.

  20. avaizhashmi says:

    spread the word!!!

  21. angelbe88 says:

    Earthlings changed my life.

    It’s interesting, I had chronic low back pain for almost 10 years. From my early 20’s- 30’s. After a week of no meat, it disappeared and has never returned.

  22. hardsixteenyeah says:

    It’s a really pleause to listening someone talking about veganism with so self confidence and security. Unfortunately, as in Usa, in spain, people also associate proteins with meat. I think it’s very kind to know there are lots of people over there who think in a similar way than me. I can’t find anyone here, around me. Thanks so much. I wish I could understand all what he’s is talking about. I’d need subtitles to get it.

  23. markusziman9 says:

    I’m one of your greatest fans.
    It would be an honor and a privilege if you could accept my friend request on F.B.
    Markus ziman
    Thank you very much!

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