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YourProduceGuy shows you how to make the quick and tasty meal of an Avocado and Alfalfa Sprout sandwich! You can also keep up with me on Facebook & Twitter Facebook: www.facebook.com Twitter: www.twitter.com
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  1. thisusernameislooong says:

    you could always counter this by using homemade mayo although you might risk getting sick from the raw egg

  2. MoniMeka says:

    that looks good! i wouldn’t put the mayo on it though. LOL

  3. thekiller500099 says:

    why mayo

  4. andrade7los says:

    you ruined a healthy sandwich with the mayo!

  5. phillyjourney says:

    Oh that’s also called a California sandwich. I used to eat that all the time. I usually bought a loaf of multitrain bread at the great harvest bread co. And I use yogurt with herbs in place of Mayo. And I add marinated cucumbers and beautiful tomatoes along with monterey jack cheese. Then I wrap the sandwich in Saran wrap so all the flavors mesh together. Oh so unbelievably delicious! Sometimes if I have some bacon, I’d add that before eating.

  6. LESTER7L1 says:

    Nice!!! Thanks Produce guy!

  7. JerrySpock says:

    I’ve found that lentil sprouts are the easiest to grow. Just put about 2 tablespoons of seeds in a quart mason jar and rinse them twice a day. They’re pretty good on sandwiches.

  8. sweet93553 says:

    You look so healthy! The fresh fruits and veggies are showing on you and in you! I enjoy your videos because of the freshness of the produce and the recipes are kept simple, you don’t mutilate them to much to the point their unrecognizeableness, this is wonderful and you are too.

  9. Nebiros21 says:

    alfalfa sprouts… had them on sandwiches in Australia.

  10. GardenNewbie says:

    Yum, i just started growing my own sprouts, cant wait for em to be ready now :)

  11. Sogwa says:

    U have a great channel! Very healthy & yummy!

  12. heartsafecooking says:

    I am really enjoying your unique sandwich ideas. This looks so good.

  13. cuteeverything says:

    You have awesome avocado skills! I loved how you flipped it up in the air to turn it around!

  14. ChuckHitler says:

    i would totally add some pavortii or mozarella cheese to that. on toasted bread. YUUUUUUM. maybe a LITTLE shredded chicken, or a very thin slice of like some kind of meat (ham, roast turkey, etc) not a lot of meat, i think the avocado is the star here, but a little.

  15. ilovstodance says:

    wow going to try that on my homemade also

  16. sugordon says:

    Yummy and healthy – thanks! :-)

  17. TDAclanTV says:

    Nice :) I love Avocado will defo try out your sandwhich. Your friends at TDAclanTV

  18. MPJRules says:

    the sandwich was so gooooooood i made one!

  19. xC4Rbonx says:

    mmmmmm sammiches with avocado

  20. Gay4U1979 says:

    That looks so good :)

  21. Hobohube says:

    That’s a good looking sandwich. Neat way to take the pit out. You would have a good laugh seeing me take pits out.

  22. Allen2045 says:

    That looks good and I don’t even like Avocado’s.

  23. brucenunn37 says:

    Another good looking recipe.. Tastie looking…!!

  24. hopesolofan18 says:

    how do you make bread?? thats cool
    this looks yummy

  25. eatingvegan1234 says:

    Another great video! Avocado sandwiches are delicous. I have mine without the mayo. Can you a video on papaya (the big Mexican papayas)?

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