A Vegetarian Meal Plan That Is Delicious!

| January 22, 2012 | 14 Comments

Here I am with another video from beautiful Phuket. Loving the food, the people and the weather.

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  1. TubeGuest5178 says:

    @overwhelmingtraffic wild rice suits me very well. white rice makes my stomach swell.

  2. overwhelmingtraffic says:

    @WikidLovely Pound for pound rice is generally more fattening in my experience. I take your point vegs have carbs in them as well :) To be fair though I have often wondered why people in china, and other rice eating countries are more often than not thin and their diet has a major component of rice! My real point is I wanted my emphasis to be on the veg and not rice or starchy type veg like potatoes, etc. Thanks for dropping by !

  3. WikidLovely says:

    Rice isn’t fattening. Veg are ‘carbs’ too!

  4. comtton says:

    Hi Tim thanks for finding the time to keep posting the videos whilst your on holiday, can you just remind me of your main daily juice recipie, just the one will do , rather than me trawling back over them all to find the one of you juicing in your kitchen back home , I proved to myself it works having done around 16 days i lost just over a stone but oh boy when i started eating again it was well out of control and 2 weeks later im nearing my starting weight, MUST START AGAIN AND STAY IN CONTROL

  5. overwhelmingtraffic says:

    I lost 23.2kgs or 51 pounds on my juice fast if you look at my main channel video you can see my transition from day 1 to day 56! Thanks for dropping by!

  6. overwhelmingtraffic says:

    Food is wonderful! It’s hard to shoot the film from that angle because I am just in the dark. But i will try again today as the view is wonderful!

  7. overwhelmingtraffic says:

    Thanks so much for your kind words I do appreciate it. I am glad to do my small part to motivate others tondo the same. And yes the journey afterwards is probably harder to not go back to the old habits that caused so much weight fain in the first place. I will never go back to my old habits now!

  8. overwhelmingtraffic says:

    Thanks and yes I must record the sound it’s beautiful and relaxing for sure.

  9. mz1977malissa says:

    how much weight did you lose

  10. nebraskafrankcourtny says:

    Wow, that healthy food looks so delicious! Idea: film with your back to the water, so we can see it!

  11. patincomox says:

    Terrific video series! Inspirational! You have been on what David Rainoshek (juice feasting.com) refers to as the hero’s journey – & have come thru with experience to share with the rest of us. I am also so impressed with your ‘after’ journey – perhaps another hero’s journey – because this is the difficult part, isn’t it, not returning to old habits. And many, many thanks for videotaping every day. One observation, perhaps a typo on keywords for this episode, referring to ‘low carb vegetar

  12. wahopin says:

    Hi Tim, Nice to hear from you. Love the sound of the surf in the background. You should record that. Nice noise to sleep by. :-) The food looks yummy. You take care.

  13. overwhelmingtraffic says:

    Yeah you are right about the loose skin in the neck i too am hoping the skin sorts itself out. In a few months if it’s still there in will ask my doctor. Thanks for dropping by and congrats on all the weight you must have lost to have that problem!

  14. SteakJuicer says:

    I’m on a juice fast and noticed my skin is starting to sag a bit from weight loss. Your earlier videos showed your face a bit fuller (obviously), now your neck seems to have more loose skin like mine. Have you talked to your Dr about that? I was told skin bounces back; I certainly hope so. Any info you might have would be great.

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