A Taste Test of Tofu Turkey…WTF?!

| March 9, 2012 | 24 Comments

I’m a vegetarian. This Thanksgiving I decided to buy a turkey made of tufu and cook up a nice dinner. Things didn’t go as planned. A tofu turkey has a very unique taste! SKYY’S LINKS: ASK THE JOHN & VLOG CHANNEL – www.youtube.com ORIGINAL CHANNEL – www.youtube.com BARTENDING CHANNEL – www.youtube.com FACEBOOK www.facebook.com TWITTER www.twitter.com T-SHIRT: skyyjohn.spreadshirt.com WEBSITE www.SkyyJohn.com MAILING ADDRESS 3183 Wilshire Blvd #196K22 Los Angeles, CA 90010
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  1. keefeboy says:

    @nerdymom2 well whatever “cholostrial” is, thanks for the warning since it obviously took over your head a long time ago.

    have a wonderful day!

    veggies contain pesticides!


    an elephants nutsack hhahahahahahhahhahah

  3. sukqc says:

    The food you eat does not make me puke but your face haha

  4. Pug40 says:

    @nerdymom2 It would be a very funny awesome and creative and informative video but the cussing is excessive, and as a Christian I would rather not watch videos that disturb my peace. Im not saying this to judge anyone but only state my personal view.

  5. baba1993 says:

    @nerdymom2 I pity you for not eating it. It’s delicious.

  6. nerdymom2 says:

    @ltorth animals are not (food). vegan food is great. keep your damn opinions to your self please. vegan is also alot healtheir u retard. better then eating dead animal guts and skin.

  7. nerdymom2 says:

    @baba1993 u cant imagine stopping eating dead animal flesh? i pitty you son.

  8. nerdymom2 says:

    @superlou1s im for real whats with all the meat eaters putting down vegetarians here? lmfo retartded animal murderers.

  9. nerdymom2 says:

    @TheMeatloaflover quit being a meat eating fuck and eat some veggies.

  10. nerdymom2 says:

    @HyosukeMagumo nothing beats eating dead cut up bloody animal flesh? you fucking retard. i pitty u nasty fuckers.

  11. nerdymom2 says:

    @ca280491 why are their so much hate against vegetarians/vegans here? u fucking retards lmfao first off vegan and vegetarian is different. lmfao worthless meat eaters dont know that becuz all of the colostrial is going to their brains lowering their IQ.

  12. nerdymom2 says:

    @TonyZXT since u dis respected us i will disrespect you. good luck with the high blood preasuree!

  13. nerdymom2 says:

    @Pug40 why is evreyone talking about cussing? this is the FIRST youtube video comment that i’ve seen that talks about the cussing

  14. nerdymom2 says:

    @keefeboy i think all that cholostrial from meat is getting to your head and stopping up your brain. lowering your IQ.

    have a good day!

    meat is murder!

  15. keefeboy says:

    @nerdymom2 if you dont eat meat, you’ll grow a pussy! didn’t you watch south park, the one episode where stan grows mini vaginas? 100% ACCURATE!!

  16. NZLDevil says:

    @nerdymom2 you may not eat meat, but i eat more meat than 5 people combined. your efforts are worthless.

  17. gabe228 says:

    @nerdymom2 oh i am sorry, you’re right… let me build a time machine to couple of millions years back and tell our ancestors how unethical it is to eat meat

  18. nerdymom2 says:

    @BrianFalconsFan29 well you shoulden’t eat dead animal dude…………have you ever even watched the video called earthlings?

  19. nerdymom2 says:

    @Efosa13 naw nigga eat some tofu u meat eating bitch ass nigga………animal hater.

    the thing is we dont HAVE to have meat. their for we CAN limit animal suffering. all of you meat heads arugiments are the same…….( OHHH ANIMALS DO IT SO WHY CANT WE?) if u wanna eat meat you should have to catch it your self and kill it and watch it die. go try and run and catch it with your (claws) and letss ee you eat it raw. like animals do. hey since you eat meat do u wanna eat my nuts? =)

  20. nerdymom2 says:

    @gabe228 vegans are better then you meat heads. atleast were not supporting people to killl our food

  21. aboddwardak says:

    i had the sandwich meat kind, and it was the worst thing i ever tried

  22. Kragdude says:

    @Efosa13 I think veggies that still eat fish are just bs’ing. Also i imagine its less painfull being slaughterd instantly than being slowly torn arouprt by a lion or someshit. 😀

  23. Pug40 says:

    there is no way i’m gonna subscribe with all that cussing

  24. TheDman216 says:

    ROFL thanks john..i needed that man

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