A Dramatic Reading of Onision Fantard Comments

| February 23, 2013 | 24 Comments

WhiteBoy7thst fans are next. Comments read by: MRREPZION: www.youtube.com GINERIELLA: www.youtube.com PMRANTS: www.youtube.com IMUSTDESTROYALL: www.youtube.com PICTORON: www.youtube.com MRDIABLOLORD: www.youtube.com Comments from: www.youtube.com www.youtube.com www.youtube.com www.youtube.com Facebook: www.facebook.com Twitter: twitter.com deviantART: thedigitaldude.deviantart.com

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  1. TheRadPlayer says:

    I agree with IMDA, that was actually kinda uncalled for. It’s a cheap tactic to involve someone elses family-members for the purpose of “trolling” or “pwning”.

  2. Bo2killer87 says:

    I say ppl who hate this fag lets go kill him

  3. wolfman12144 says:

    He was sending me messages about my Onision video and posting angry comments.

  4. NateTalksToYou says:

    I’ve watched a few episodes of the Boondocks, but I didn’t catch that reference. I think Alan was being serious because he went to some of my other videos and was posting angry comments.

  5. MrGpritt says:

    Did you notice the Boondocks reference? Oh well, I’m sure he was serious though. Keep up the good work! 😀

  6. amawhit says:

    loving these! XD

  7. TheTozotube says:

    I haate onision

  8. vazquez pika says:

    you go girl!:) (knowing your a guy)

  9. UkeleleStoner1992 says:

    Dear Nate, You are gorgeous. Yours truly, UkeleleStoner1992

  10. pcally1 says:

    You said it yourself. This is America. He can’t have opinions because they aren’t like yours? What puts you above everyone else? I don’t agree with him either because I love Onision, but that doesn’t mean EVERYONE has to be forced to like it.

  11. KushGoHard says:

    Sir I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but our president isn’t black.

  12. NONAME59839 says:


  13. rayfan918918 says:

    The fact that people still say that as a comeback is just plain sad.

  14. ImmNotMax says:

    Yesterday I went to this girls house and her 7 year old little brother was home from school. He was on his sisters computer watching the “Im a banana” video by this guy.

    Then, it hit me. YouTube has gotten to the point where EVERYONE is on here. Every demographic on earth is on here viewing billions of videos a day.

    So most of these fantards are little kids. I’m talking, like, little toddlers little.

    That just blew my mind.

    Anyway, good work on your videos!

  15. Arresherah says:

    I was referring to that shawtygurl200 – I believe it was the second comment.

  16. Matt Young says:

    This makes me sad because of the lack of proper spelling and grammar

  17. mike howard says:

    who cares if nate expresses him self im still sorry for sending a mean comment i have seizures to and have a nice day nate please respond nicely please

  18. mike howard says:

    calm the fuck down guys he is not a douche hes expressing him self so have you guys once or twice go nate

  19. shkmru shk says:

    yep everyone should know and if they don’t it’s easy to find because onision still has all those vids posted on his channel still, don’t believe freaking go to it.

  20. shkmru shk says:

    or funny

  21. shkmru shk says:

    wait, please announce the people you’re talking about!

  22. shkmru shk says:

    because he’s an “ASS” and that’s putting it bluntly

  23. shkmru shk says:

    so was he black or hispanic???

  24. Arresherah says:

    Okay, so let me get this straight: You posted a video with your face contradicting his fans. You actually put yourself out there, yet you’re afraid to admit he’s funny? Oh, the irony.

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