5 Minute VEGETARIAN BURRITO (secret recipe)

| February 29, 2012 | 34 Comments

This is the best burrito l have ever tasted, as you will see by my reaction, and it took all of 5 minutes to make! So simple, so easy, so delicious! lf you would prefer to add some beef or chicken to the mix, please do, it’s up to you! :) . FRIEND me on FACEBOOK! www.youtube.com INGREDIENTS 2 tins kidney beans half packet of taco seasoning tinned corn salsa bbq sauce sweet chilly sauce tomato paste tomato lettuce tortillas cheese sour cream
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Amanda shares her exceptionally delicious and simple Vegetarian Chili recipe. This is a hearty way to warm up in the fall months. Click here for the full recipe thehotplate.com Also visit www.thehotplate.com www.facebook.com TheHot Plate is your complete guide to culinary confidence! Are you looking to start with the basics? Our 30-second ‘how-to’ videos teach you everything from simple knife skills to a chiffonade. Need inspiration for dinner tonight? We upload new 5-minute episodes every Tuesday as well as multiple weekly recipes with step-by-step photos. Need a new way to use up leftovers? Just type the ingredients into our search bar and we’ll show you tons of mouth-watering meal ideas! We’re always getting steamy in the kitchen so check back often for updates!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. MsKimlo says:


  2. MissPandaaaz says:

    haha he is so high! RIGHT ON MAN!

  3. Viniitame says:

    You are sooooo sweeeeet!!!!

  4. Baraquiel62 says:

    can food makes you get stomach cancer..

  5. Pyrozk says:

    you seem to be going in the right direction by making it “vegetarian” but I would recommend dumping the cheese and cream, in exchange for a rice cheese, or soy. Not to mention avoiding the canned foods. it’s always better to make it fresh. But what really shocked me was when you left the tortillas in the bag when you put them in the microwave. not to mention the health hazards of even using a microwave.
    friendly guy tho!

  6. Akshayphadke says:

    @furuzon12 hahahah same

  7. DeeTheElf says:

    Minus the cheese and the sour cream, i can totally eat this! Thanks man!

  8. tallyhoman911 says:

    @TheDopeyGamer not all cheese 

  9. sajj71 says:

    Hey you’ve got some white stuff on your face and it’s not sour cream, lol.

  10. ViviannaluvsJesus says:


  11. SamFem says:

    @blondago56 @blondago56 I know, me too, I was like wanting yell “Nooooooo”. Why on earth would some1 put tortillas in the micro? Other than that this is a GREAT Vid. He just rocked the bean burrito. I had to watch 3 times. I will definitely be making these…. from dried beans and with fresh tomatos and lowfat sour cream, I can just taste it watching this vid. So yummy. I’ve never put bbq sauce in my beans, but am willing to try it his way. :)

  12. firehandszarb says:

    bisphenol a flavour tortillas yum!

  13. TheDopeyGamer says:

    @ashesinyourmouth Umm… Cheese has rennet which is a animals gore in the tummy… Thats why you have to buy vegetarian cheeses.

  14. ashesinyourmouth says:

    @itzeladurango Vegetarians just don’t eat meat, Vegans don’t eat cheese.

  15. itzeladurango says:

    i tought vegetarians couldnt eat cheeae

  16. ryoshi100 says:

    @GregsKitchen it does sound wrong, but then again I like lots of things that are gross when you think about it.

  17. marmolejo0591 says:

    That is NOT mexican food my love lol … But he’s so cute so its ok …. hahaha

  18. Talisa20 says:

    i love your accent

  19. blondago56 says:

    I *gasped* when he threw that package of tortillas in the microwave…

  20. drums4metal says:

    ok, its funny when spanish people try to talk english but its funnier when english people try to talk spanish

  21. JohnnyLProductions says:

    the ending was adorable.. :)

  22. ThePeopleneedhelp says:

    lol who else is watcin’ videos about food and will more than likely not fill there tummy tonight…

  23. disgothique says:

    when you said ‘where you going pussy?’ you reminded me of Glen Quagmire 😛

    Nice recipe +1

  24. RecordableID says:

    This was really good thanks! I’ll good slightly spicier next time though. subscribed

  25. KeeepinItReal says:

    “A bland timid entry, suitable perhaps for patients recovering from surgery”.

  26. LilEdrftgify says:

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  27. kosmicvodku says:


    What are you talking about?
    beans go w/ chill, especially frijoles borrachos

  28. fantasticanime2010 says:

    i would make the chilli without the beans.

  29. Missyplaymate3 says:

    Thanks for the comments. I made this last night and it came out great. I dont have any leftovers lol. Its all gone now. Thanks again I look forward to more recipes and tips.

  30. Missyplaymate3 says:

    I am going to try this dish on Monday. I will let you know how it turns out

  31. eadelsonnet says:

    this show is brilliant!!!! i absolutely love this and will be checking out the rest of your episodes.

  32. dillikins says:

    This program is a great idea. Informative and well done (although closer mic placement or a little EQing on the voice would make it better from a technical standpoint). Good host – well-spoken with a pleasant demeanor (and a really nice smile!).

  33. MrsKevinJonasThe2nd says:

    hottie. nuff said.

  34. collegegal1988 says:

    OMG this is amazing!! i made it and its sooo good. make more videos!!

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