[2011 Vegetarian/Vegan Documentary/Film] Myths and Truths about Vegetarianism

| January 31, 2013 | 41 Comments

“Myths and Truths about Vegetarianism – For Earth, for Animals, for Yourself” is a documentary that systematically analyzes the scientific basis of claims that vegetarianism is unnatural for humans and that we require meat. After watching this, you will find out the exact opposite. Official website: mythstruthsvegetarianism.ultraventus.info

A quick and easy tofu and cucumber side salad often accompanying meals here in Japan. If you are on a diet, this salad is a great way to eat delicious food and loss weight. Ingredients: 150g Tofu 1 thin cucumber 30 g carrot 1/2 teaspoon sugar 1/4 teaspoon salt 1 tablespoon mayo 1 tablespoon ground sesame seeds 1 strip of ham dash of Cayenne pepper (or try curry power)
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  1. bayankaful says:

    I’ve been a veggie for 12 years now. Nobody notices. I’m athletic and never had any health problem. I’m brazilian and we don’t have any veggie options here, and it’s still possible if you pay attention to what you eat. I study Vet Medicine in Brazil’s best university and all articles and experiments I find prove meat is bad for your heart and intestines. The only thing that explains ppl defending meat is the agribusiness lobby.

  2. MarioGotLaid says:

    I’ve been a vegetarian for 26 years. I’m Indian, lots of us are vegetarian.

  3. bbcita26 says:

    I’ve been vegetarian for more than two years and counting and I’ve never feel better =)

  4. MikiVivi03 says:

    its been a only month sine i became vegetarian but already feeling really better.
    thanks for the amazing video!!

  5. Lovedrawing1 says:

    No one is pressuring you :). You could start off by just eating vegetarian once or a few times a week, then slowly increase it.. Or, you could start off by going pescetarian; a person who eat fish as the only type of meat. This is how I get my family used to my change of eating habits.
    But yes, there will be many different reactions (my dad freaked out, but my mum thinks it’s a fantastic idea..).
    I wish you the best of luck :).

  6. Lovedrawing1 says:

    That sounds fantastic! I hope you’ll succeed! :)

  7. Donald Murphy says:

    I’ve been vegetarian for 6 years and this video renewed my belief in being vegetarian. I get bombard with constant questions that my friends and co workers ask and say about meat. Its hard to explain to them that they are just going with what everyone makes up about meat.

  8. AllAboutEthics says:


  9. Matthew Luchessi says:

    I love this guy —3:08 haha

  10. Kward603 says:

    This was very informative as well as entertaining, I enjoyed watching it. :)

  11. Crystal Petrello says:

    Your videos are AMAZING and I look forward to using them in my classes!

  12. 9lizexxx says:

    I’m going vegetarian from now on!

  13. William Shomidie says:

    Please, everyone, research as much as you can before making a choice. Yes, the diets portrayed in this video is a lot better then say the average american diet, but there are reasons for eating meat. You can see this simply by looking at the way humans have evolved, specially humans that have evolved in climates that experience winter. If you have any questions, or you would like to explore the field of nutrition with me, email me at iDrop.TangoZ@gmx.com. (I apologize for the weird name.).

  14. Dillon Demas says:

    dude, right before i opened this video i was thinking about how much land is wasted on feeding cattle, and how much slower to anger i am while not eating meat, and how it sucks to eat so little meat and still gain weight, and then i opened this video and BOOM! mind blown. it was destiny. just thought i’d tell you.

  15. jeepster4u2003 says:

    20 years for me! I eat cottage cheese, very few eggs, and drink no milk. I eat mostly grains, fruit, and vegetables. All I drink is water and coffee. I never eat in restaurants except for pizza and a few high quality pastries.

  16. AliceLovely510 says:

    Very cool video!!! Very informative:)

  17. MsAnywaysthesedays says:

    I’m seriously considering going vegetarian. I haven’t eaten any meat in the past 2 days (I know that’s not long) but I have a feeling my family & friends will think I’m crazy for giving up meat. Plus I’m still worried that I’ll feel hungry by not having chicken and salmon to give me the protein/energy it does :S I don’t know…

  18. kissfan7 says:

    Can one get good cholesterol (sp?) from plants?

  19. TECpeds94 says:

    I love being vegetarian. Having protein and iron deficiency is the biggest lie ive ever heard. To much protein is so bad for you it causes stress on the kidneys ect.. Yes of course b12 is one of the problems but luckily i take spirulina powder and follow other b12 natural diets without any medication :)

  20. XxparamorefanxX1 says:

    Hi!, well, i just find out some simple staff contains animal-products chemicals ( sorry I don’t know how to say it haha) . For example marshmallows, I would like to know which are these chemicals? thanks!

  21. reneecampa says:

    Proud vegetarian for 6 years! Recently vegan!

  22. Orkideh Mohseni says:

    I became Vegetarian right after my 28th birthday! The best choice I ever made for a lifetime! <3

  23. LumberJackBass says:

    Just jump into veganism head-in. It gets much easier in a short period of time.

  24. Shadowtiger15 says:

    awesome :)

  25. Shaniachannel says:

    love your Tofu and Cucumber recipe looks very yummy :-) keep up the great work :-)

  26. Van Ellul says:


  27. Ufaithful says:

    LOL netflix commercial…

  28. Lee Simon says:

    i would recommend eating the cucumber, sesame seeds, and tofu raw. Also, the carrot in juice.

  29. jeezysalore says:

    not yet. thanks for telling me though

  30. maryamsm says:

    oh…did u find it? i get extra-firm tofu cause the other ones are too squishy to fry lol they fall apart before they even get out of the container.

  31. moonman57 says:

    asians can make anything taste epic…….

  32. jeezysalore says:

    thanks for telling me. he seems like he doesnt want to talk..

  33. deathsmileyinc says:

    i would replace the mayo with mustard

  34. maryamsm says:

    wal-mart has it between the vegetables and refrigerated veggie juice area all the time.

  35. MissCupcakesful says:

    Ur a fucking idiot, it’s a normal cucumber!

  36. jeezysalore says:

    where can you buy tofu? it’s hard to find in the us.

  37. foxpuff333 says:

    Ooooh Yum!! 😀

  38. foxpuff333 says:

    oooh yum! 😀

  39. Evelina P says:

    i bet it tastes awesome and has few calories but i really wouldnt eat mayo, salt and sugar together if i were to loose weight :O
    but who cares 😀

  40. AkuKiniKembali says:

    Is there any other way to cook Japanese Cucumber…?

  41. Worgenschorgen says:

    interesting like its gay? (or interesting fu%k my a%s)

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