10 Vegetarian Recipes for Meat Eaters

| March 4, 2012 | 25 Comments

10 Recipes: www.healthyeatingstartshere.com Trying to make vegan or vegetarian recipes for meat eaters is hard. One of the most difficult situations is eating a vegetarian or vegan diet plan with a non-veg mate or – even harder – family. I’m lucky that Phil & I are always willing to try the other’s ideas. What are your favorite meals for blowing away your meat eating family and friends? Let me know below.
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  1. healthyvegan says:

    @ruthomom I’ve read some of the info on the blood typing diets, and from that my opinion is that it’s a very one-dimensional way to look at our individuality. What I mean is, there’s so much more to why one person needs a certain diet while another person needs a totally different diet than just their blood type. Also, so often ‘typing’ diets recommend animal foods for someone when all they really need is more protein or more fat – but there are plant foods that can fill the need. good luck!

  2. ruthomom says:

    hi i wanted to ask you,i don’t know if you can help me,i am a vegan and like you say we can’t force it on people,but i try to explain to my omnivore husband about the cruelty and about other alternatives for eating vegan but he says the type of blood he has is scientifically proven that he needs meat,is like i am confuse about that,i don’t know if is an excuse to keep eating meat or is true what he says.

  3. healthyvegan says:

    @RoverRollOver1234 oh, that’s so awesome!! not just for him, but for you too :)

  4. RoverRollOver1234 says:

    @healthyvegan Yeah I don’t want to fight about food, either… waste of energy!! :) I find it better to influence healthier habits in others by leading the way and trying myself to do what’s good for my body. :) It must be working, because I’ve been married to my hubby since 2004 and he’s now decided to go vegan. I was totally shocked!!! :) I was making him occasional free range or organic chicken, and a little fish now and then. He ate mostly the same stuff I did on the ovo lacto veg diet. :)

  5. healthyvegan says:

    @RoverRollOver1234 good attitude :) forcing the issue on someone never works…

  6. RoverRollOver1234 says:

    I’m very relaxed because my husband just became vegan. I was ovo lacto veg already but most of my family are meat eaters. I try not to make a fuss about it when I’m at someone’s home. My mom always makes veg acceptable foods at Thanksgiving, for example. I just stay away from things I can’t eat. :) My husband is really new to this and I let him decide how healthy of a vegan he wants to be. :)

  7. GROZNAYA says:

    i think lentils mixed with a chilly sauce sort of combo could imitate meat. (ethiopian-like) it tastes good; it’s eaten as meal with mashed yellow chickpeas, salad, and spinach with injera (spongy bread)

  8. healthyvegan says:

    @thephleblady good for you for asking, and good for him for agreeing! good luck with it, I hope a few of these recipes (or others) are hits :)

  9. thephleblady says:

    Thanks Heather…I actually asked my husband this morning if he would be ok with having one vegetarian night per week and he agreed. Small steps as he does not like pasta or cream dishes like I do. I have my work cut out for me but I will keep trying.

  10. mellamosean says:


    I’ve tried that stuff…doesn’t have the meaty taste I crave, and that only vegan alternatives adequately satisfy.

  11. camarqu says:

    Make some steak from beef.

  12. orbitalsatellite says:

    a fantastic transitional food is vegie croquettes, though they use eggs, so theyre not strictly vegan. but they have a meaty feel about them. there are vegan crumbing methods though. meat eaters love my veg croquettes! keep up the great work heather :)

  13. healthyvegan says:

    @cutesmile8611 I’m definitely lucky :) Phil & I were both meat eaters when we met too, although I never liked it and was always allergic to dairy. It would definitely be difficult, but your husband is lucky to have someone conscious of healthy eating – even if he never stops eating meat, at least he’ll have other healthy foods :)

  14. healthyvegan says:

    @davidjohn83 you’re right, creativity is key - it draws the attention, rather than letting people ponder the lack of animal foods. I find people are often wowed when I tell them meals are vegan even without using fake cheeses or meats – I think they assume plant foods are too boring to make a good meal 😉 thanks for sharing!

  15. healthyvegan says:

    @37mamak yay! thanks :)

  16. healthyvegan says:

    @sheenashine17 thanks :) yeah, I know what you mean, since eliminating meat my cooking has actually gotten better – I used to eat such bland stuff!! I think it’s cause I didn’t care about nutrition the same way I do now – so I value the foods I put into meals so much more :) congrats on the yummy meals you’ve been making!

  17. healthyvegan says:

    @sophier77 mm, yeah, coconut milk is a great way to win people over :) so fatty and creamy… yum…

  18. cutesmile8611 says:

    My brother always requests vegan lasagna with spinach. He just loves it lol. Its healthier too.You are lucky that your husband is vegan as well. My fiance is a meat eater and I still love him. We were both meat eater when we met after all. I would just prefer if he were open to veganism but you’re right you can’t convince people against their will. It is up to them. Some ppl think its weird but just show them its healthy and delicious. Good tips :)

  19. davidjohn83 says:

    show veggies in a very creative way, ex stuffed tomatoes, long cut cucumbers, and quick grill marks on raw food. after making sure there are no allergies to non dairy cheeses, and milks… tell meat eaters there is regular cheese or milk & then after they say how much the love it , tell them the truth that it was vegan/non dairy ingredients. that wows often. and put meat on a separate plate and let them add it, they tend to add less, and invite another vegan friend to eat with your new friend

  20. 37mamak says:

    my family ( meat eaters) really loved yur veggieburgers =) and stuffed tomatoes=)

  21. sheenashine17 says:

    I agree with you that you don’t want to try to convert or battle with meat eaters it’s better to just create yummy dishes that shows them how delicious a meat-free meal can be. Some of my family members have been surprised with how good meatless dishes can taste. I find this to be funny since since I’ve been a vegetarian my knowledge of food has expanded and I have a more enriching and nutritious diet now that it is not centered around the usual chicken or beef. I <3 your videos!

  22. yermomsboxx says:

    @healthyvegan I’ve actually never heard of tempeh, but I like trying new things so I’ll definitely check out your recipes. The ones on the website look fantastic. Greens, banana, and protein powder actually does seem like an ideal post-work out snack. Thanks!

  23. sophier77 says:

    veggie pastas, coconut milk (with or without curry) based veggie + nuts sauces to eat with brown rice, lentil + carrot salads, baked veggie tarts, veggie burgers and soups are always my ‘meat eater’ friends’ favourites :)

  24. whothehellgivesadamn says:

    I’ve converted many people to vegetarian diets over the years, it never involved dishes. I just lay out the explanations that its healthier for various physiological and moral reasons and they either get it within a few minutes or they don’t. I would never have a girl friend who wasn’t a vegetarian…if i’m around someone on a work project he quickly notices that i have unparalleled energy, at some point, he get’s the idea that my diet is better than his by the example I provide of my health.

  25. healthyvegan says:

    @TheNewPoetry good for you :) sounds like some awesome meals!

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