10 Foods NOT to eat on a Veggie Diet from Kardena’s Kitchen

| July 16, 2012 | 50 Comments

Get your FREE 7-day Vegetarian Meal Plan from: www.KardenasKitchen.com Plus, you’ll discover the 10 foods NOT to eat on a weight loss diet. These are a couple of items on my list of 10 foods NOT to eat if you are following a vegetarian weight loss diet. The first thing is something that many people like to have in the morning and that is a protein shake. They look very healthy, but what is interesting about these is they have too much sugar per serving. There are usually 2 servings in each bottle, so you are eating way too much sugar. Read the labels for these. Another product I’ve found is a protein shake with greens. Although I love greens, this shake is loaded with sugar. The greens are great, but I dont like them in this form of a protein drink. Protein or breakfast bars are next and tend to be loaded with sugars. They need to add binders and extra sugars to them for taste and that translates into more sugar. For example, a Kashi bar does have a good amount of protein, however, the sugar count is higher than the protein count. You need to read the labels on these. Next is whole wheat bread. All bread is made of wheat, but what you want to watch out for is even if it says its whole wheat, it may be just glorified flour. A great test to see if it is whole wheat is to ball up a slice in your hand. If it holds the ball, that is a great indicator that it is not whole wheat. This doughy ball will turn into sugar very quickly after you eat it. When it turns into sugar in
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  1. Robert Lopez says:

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    This made it easier for Michelle to eliminate her tummy fat.
    Perhaps it will help you as well.

  2. luname82 says:

    even before you buy it to feel the texture, a good thing to keep in mind is to make the sure the label says “100% whole wheat” not just “whole wheat”.In the former you know how much is made out wheat (100% of it) in the latter, you know that it’s whole wheat but not how much of it has be replaced with something else.

  3. Theresa Ross says:

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  4. Theresa Ross says:

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  5. gr8vibes2 says:

    Well I’ll go half way at least. There are a lot of foods worse than sugar. A little occasional sugar is ok.

  6. gertudeloreyfx says:

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  7. gertudeloreyfx says:

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  8. gertudeloreyfx says:

    Its still surprises me, how a lot of people don’t know about Kinovelax Diet Plan (google it), even though a lot of people get great result because of it. Thanks to my friend who told me about Kinovelax Diet Plan, I’ve lost a ton of weight with it without starving myself.

  9. SaturatedFatsLover says:

    wow… coconut oil pulls cholesterol out of your body… LoL!! U must be having a laugh aint u?? coconut oil is a fab oil but it lowers cholesterol becaouse it activates the thyroid so cholesterol is converted in2 steroid hormones like progestrone or pregnenalone… U MUST infor yourself better… PLEASE…

  10. SaturatedFatsLover says:

    wow Another one that thinks sugar is bad for us.. NOT TRUE!! no space here to explain.. please inform yourself by reading infos on dr.ray peat website.. all the best

  11. irfanrafique100 says:

    It’s kind of funny seeing these types of video clips at this moment when I am not overweight any longer – my dirty little secret is DietOramy diet plans program (Google has some more specifics) – that thing truly taught me to be transform my body, overall health as well as my whole life.

  12. tracktownson says:

    basically dont eat anything..besides fruit and veg!? damn!

  13. lingocode says:

    Nor should vegetarians, really. The clue is in the name – since when were milk or eggs vegetables? 😉

  14. neenatube says:

    Thanks for your great videos. I love your clothes in general. Where do you buy them.

  15. RizSpunky says:

    no they do not

  16. Sukhime says:

    No dairy or eggs? No thank you O_O!

  17. staycalm2day says:

    no…we do not.

  18. melly90xx says:

    Thank you for the tips! No vegans don’t eat eggs or dairy.

  19. rudge1982 says:

    Do vegans consume Dairy products and Eggs?

  20. yeeaaabuddy says:

    what about a nice sausage sarnie!

  21. wondervamp says:

    simple sugars is what the human species was designed to run on – not protein or fat. We are frugivores by nature! fruits & veggies is where it’s at with very little nuts & seeds.

  22. kedisy1 says:

    Great videos,please make more,Vegan, And can you show Boca products and morning star products. And can you explain as to how much sodium and carbs we should have in our diet?

  23. localSickened says:

    i like you, ur smart

  24. durianriders says:

    Carbs are king and sweet fruit is the best.

    High carb, low fat keeps you energised. Im not sure what Kardenas is on about! :) People get fat from eating FAT! not carbs..the body stores carbs as glycogen and our body burns it in our daily activities.

    The fat we eat is the fat we wear..the carbs we eat is the carbs we get to thrive on! :)

  25. xxFNORDxx says:

    Great tips and vids, keep them coming! My only complain is no HD option. Thanks!

  26. TheJenniferNicoleLee says:

    Hello Fun Fit Foodie! Im so thrilled that your kids loved this Fun Fit Foodie recipe! Cheers to YOU! JNL

  27. Lisadoll07 says:

    Wow tried this soup the other day was really delicious. Today I made another with different veg. So thick and creamy that even my kids love them too which is great! My 4 year old is a fussy eater but her bowl is clean from eating up all her soup!. I could get addicted to making soups using my juicer. :-)

  28. Deask001 says:

    Can you be a full-time vegetarian (as in never eating animals, but eggs and milk are ok) and still become a fitness model (or look like one)? I really want to achieve my fitness goals but I’m hesitant about starting to eat meat again. I LOVE JNL, she’s such a motivation for everyone! <3

  29. TheJenniferNicoleLee says:


  30. urface36 says:

    looks good…but arent potatoes very high in carbs? ive been told to stay away from bad carbs?

  31. LidiaBellaItaliana says:

    Thank God!!! In the drop box there was only U.S.A.
    Thanks for the reply this is why I love u JNL… u’r my IDOL!

  32. TheJenniferNicoleLee says:

    Yes, we do! Email your order to Admin@BodyFx.com

  33. LidiaBellaItaliana says:

    Your DVD’s don’t ship to Canada? :{

  34. ucbre says:

    Instead of chicken broth you can also use vegetable stock to keep it vegan and vegetarian.

  35. queengoddess2010 says:

    Can’t wait to try this!!!
    Cheers Susan

  36. TheJenniferNicoleLee says:

    THANKS SO MUCH! Strong women rock! Visit JNLFusion . com

  37. TheBrunetteswin says:

    You rock, JNL. I love how you have your bling on and are cooking up a storm. You can bring home the (turkey) bacon, AND fry it up in a pan. (old commercial:) Truly I love you to pieces and even though I just joined my first gym about 3 weeks ago, I will be buying your work out DVD’s as soon as they hit the shelves.

  38. TheJenniferNicoleLee says:

    you are so welcome! One of my many healthy passions is cooking good for you foods that your body and tastebuds will LOVE!!!

  39. TheJenniferNicoleLee says:

    hehee!!! I have the best most fun fitness friends!

  40. MagaCarey says:

    I love these cooking videos! Thank you for uploading them, Jennifer.

  41. bellamae09 says:

    Love this recipe! how much cardio do you do?

  42. ilkkaize says:

    please make breakfast for me?

  43. TheJenniferNicoleLee says:

    awesome!!!! you will love the entire cook book too! xo JNL

  44. TheShawnaFields says:

    yumarooney! I need a big blender

  45. galymar1 says:


  46. 722erodz says:

    luv your kitchen : }

  47. TheMeljava says:

    Def looks amazing, asparagus is one of my & my hubby’s fave. Thanks for sharing. Looking fwd to giving this a try. God Bless.

  48. hipretty says:

    PS OMG LOOK at the size of those asparagus! :-) <3 it!

  49. hipretty says:

    one of many reasons why I love you! 😀

  50. Rocky4300 says:

    i really enjoy your videos.and your welcome.but i don’t read books sorry. xo Rocky

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