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www.reddit.com The video is long and wordy, but lots of new data (within the past 2 years) from good sources (studies of large sizes). Meat Eaters live just as long as Vegetarians; possibly longer than Vegans. (No difference in Heart Disease, Stroke, Cancer) Vegetarians have twice the risk of dying from degenerative brain diseases. Vegetarians have low bone bone health as indicated by hip fracture rates. Fixes: Flax Seeds (Omega 3 to 6 ratio). Eat 2 Tablespoons of GROUND flax seeds per day for the rest of your life; flax seed oil is okay but not as good as cooking destroys the Omega 3’s. 1 tablespoon of ground flax seeds and 3 tablespoons of water mixed up until frothy replace 1 egg in cooking. Throw out your Corn, Cotton Seed, Safflower, Sunflower oils. Use Olive Oil, or second best Canola oil. Vitamin B12 (Blood Vessel Damage, Brain Damage, etc.). Is there anyone here that is not supplementing with pills already? 80% of vegans have a B12 deficiency. Calcium Supplements Other (Vitamin D in Northern Areas, UK or Sea Salt users: Iodine, Dark Leafy Green, Any nuts, Beans, Whole grains, Drink lots of water (5 Glasses decrease heart attack / stroke by 50%), Zinc, Selenium) Some Sources: Findings from 18 year study: Meat eaters live just as long as vegetarians. Cancer, stroke and heart disease rates are the same. Vegetarians are twice as likely from dieing from degenerative brain diseases. Findings from another European Study: Vegetarians have a 50% greater chance of dieing
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  1. xxlonewolfxx37 says:

    well just to wrap up the videos since you didnt watch em, toward the middle and the end he reveals that vegetarian can surpass meat eaters lifespan and health. oh and just in case you thought that he was gonna say its ok to be a meat eater… HAHAHAHAHA!

  2. slowmopoke says:


  3. Nigeepoo says:

    That’s what makes him so good!

  4. spoilme40055 says:

    I was trying to watch his video but could not watch it all the way through…it was his animation and voice that I could barely stand…With that being said, I give props for trying to educate us and I respect what he is doing! He speaks the truth and we should find a way to get the information he is teaching and apply it to our unhealthy lives!

  5. Weetjegeweten says:

    Thanks for the incredible info! Very useful! Thanks a bunch!

  6. cptnblackbeard says:

    Agreed. Makes me want to punch him in the nuts. Lol.

  7. Richard James says:

    Everyone should check out the 71 part ‘Primitive Nutrition’ Series on YouTube.

  8. juiceknot says:

    I was interested in the info, but his delivery is so annoying I wanted to jump off a three story building.

  9. brianv00 says:

    I’m vegetarian.

  10. Michael Self says:

    Okay. Enjoy your cheeseburgers.

  11. brianv00 says:

    The way this guy talks is incredibly annoying.

  12. organicearthful says:

    @goofyreligion3 So you haven’t watched the video and the notes disagree with your world view! You know everything you need to know about fats coz you’ve read all the papers about it? Go eat then – see how well you thrive. I take it you’ve considered your metabolic type and genetic inheritance? Dr Greger didn’t write the notes – he gave the presentation based upon as much scientific evidence he could get his hands on when it was filmed, about 8 years ago.

  13. organicearthful says:

    @goofyreligion3 You didn’t watch the video. Coz if you did you’d know that’s not his point at all. I hate waiting in the line at McDonald’s behind all these ruminants. My shoes get so messed up! Jeez. You are completely missing the point. Did you even get to the bit when he said the head of the vegetarians also died young of a heart attack? Go figure. Perhaps if you listened up instead of mouthing off you’d learn something.

  14. organicearthful says:

    @goofyreligion3 You miss the point. The body will make fats as it needs them. What it does not deal well with is eating lots of saturated fat which is absorbed by the digestive system directly into the blood stream. Why not look that one up in your physiology book?

  15. perceptualobfuscator says:

    @goofyreligion3 Or it was an example. He used many examples. Scientists can use examples of phenomena when explaining it to an audience. He went as in depth into research as is possible with an audience that lacks training in medical science. I’m not sure what your problem is, but I am suspecting you did not watch the whole video.

  16. AkinaInc says:

    If you want a more vegetarian option to get your Omega 3’s try flaxseed! You dont want the flaxseed oil you want the actual flaxseed because it has fiber and cancer fighting lignans that flaxseed & fish oil LEAVE OUT! B/c you have to have the flax seed ground up to get all the nutrients it can sometimes be hard to get it in your diet fully. Check out FlaxFit, this new flaxseed tablet that takes the ground flaxseed powder and puts it into a awesome chewable tablet form, look it up at flaxfit.com

  17. Laura Ross says:

    He has a very entertaining way of speaking. If he ever decides to be a voice actor for animation, I’d be strongly in support!

  18. hlkolaya says:

    someone may want to fix the text that says “meet eaters” to meat eaters. it makes the entire thing seem less credible.

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